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2021 Trend: Pendants that steal the show.

Published on : 2021 - 08 - 13

Multi  Luminaire

Multi Luminaire

Multi Luminaire
2021 Trend: Pendants that steal the show.

2021 Trend: Pendants that steal the show.


The nine trends that stand out in 2021.

This year brings an exciting dynamic between trends. The lighting industry is constantly innovating to offer you lighting fixtures that appeal to all tastes and that will make your home a pleasant living space. It’s no secret that lighting is key to attractive and functional interior design. Nine trends stand out in 2021. Since the lighting industry is so vast, the focus will be on pendant lights, which are all the rage these days. 


The off-centre lighting craze is on the rise this year. The industry has adapted to the growing demand for this type of lighting. Among other things, it offers a solution for consumers whose electrical output is not properly aligned with the modifications they have made over the years. Diversity is on the rise, creating surprising lights that add uniqueness to the decor, while being versatile.


Some chandeliers have taken on a modern look and are now offered in a revamped form. Much sleeker in appearance, they are making their way into a more contemporary category than before. The candle-shaped bulbs are brought to the fore and add a lovely touch of refinement to the mix. 


Sphere lights remain very popular this year. This trend is literally unstoppable and it’s obvious why! These pendants are very versatile and blend in with everything. This style is soothing and ties in with the past with a design that is reminiscent of some of the fashion influences of the 1950s. 


The bohemian trend is unavoidable. This brings nature into our decors. Natural materials are being increasingly adopted in the lighting industry. These include wood, rattan, bamboo and natural rope. These elements are particularly popular in households seeking a more authentic feel.


Nordic influences remain popular this year and are now available in geometric patterns. We love the sleek and simple lines of these lights, which add a touch of softness. Neutral and timeless, this type of light can easily fit into a contemporary or modern decor. It will win you over in a heartbeat!


Art in every form is also on the agenda this year. It is evident in the attention to detail in our most glamorous and dapper pendants. This sophisticated design lends a refined yet simple quality to the décor. Don’t hesitate, as this prestigious trend has been around the longest.


Brass is still in the running. For a few seasons now, it has been taking on a more modern and bold form. We now know that this trend is far from dying out, so don’t shy away from using brass in your lighting scheme. Not only does it offer great contrast to the other elements in your room, but it also makes a statement. 


The minimalist style is in vogue this year. Order and rational use of space have also influenced lighting. You can embrace this trend by choosing a fixture with a minimalist design and no unnecessary details. Beauty in simplicity takes on a whole new meaning when choosing lighting fixtures that embrace the minimalist style. 


Asymmetry, long shunned, is now in vogue. It’s time to think outside the box! Irregular structures and asymmetrical lines are hot. These lights fit perfectly with the essence of modern and avant-garde style. They come in a variety of shapes and patterns, each more surprising than the last.


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