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A reading nook offers guaranteed relaxation!

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A reading nook offers guaranteed relaxation!

A reading nook offers guaranteed relaxation!

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The perfect corner

A reading nook isn’t just reserved for reading. You can also find refuge in this small space to enjoy quiet and solitary moments of relaxation. Depending on the space you have, you can set up your haven in a remote corner of the living room or in your bedroom or office, or you can designate a complete room as a reading area. Be sure to customize your space so that you feel as comfortable as possible in it. Below, we offer tips on how to customize your relaxation area optimally.

The indispensable

Whether it’s big or small, made of wood or metal, wide or very tall, a bookcase is de rigueur in your reading area so that you can store your books. If you lack for space, consider installing wall shelves instead.
Choose an armchair that’s conducive to relaxation. A large comfortable upholstered (velvet, cotton) armchair with armrests would be perfect. Add an ottoman to this chair for even greater comfort. A love seat or lounge chair would also be a good choice, as it invites you to sit back and relax.

Customize it

To customize the look of your room and make it more comfortable, add some cushions, a rug and, most importantly, a warm and cozy throw! Select decorative cushions that match the style you want to create for your nook. As for the throw, it must be soft and large enough to snuggle up under all year round.
A side table isn’t a requirement but can come in handy as a spot to place your drink, your reading glasses and a good book. If space allows for a larger table, consider setting up a reading lamp for darker days or evening reading.

The lighting 

Your reading area must be well lit. If you’re lucky enough to have a window near your armchair, this is the perfect scenario, as you’ll be able to enjoy the daylight. If you don't have a window or for the evenings, many lighting choices are available. You could opt for a table or floor lamp next to your chair to avoid eye fatigue. If you devote an entire room to your reading area, you can install a ceiling light fixture in the centre of the space to provide general lighting in addition to your reading lamp. Another option is recessed fixtures. If you have a love seat, a wall sconce or pendant light would be a good choice.

The decoration 

The décor is also an important aspect to consider. You can include candles, photo frames, magazine racks and other such items on your side table or in your bookcase. While not essential, consider adding a plant or a small bouquet of flowers for a slightly more zen look. These accessories will help you personalize your little piece of heaven.
Choose pale, warm and neutral paint colours to reinforce the cocooning and cozy feeling of your reading nook. However, be sure to choose accessories in bright colours to add some pizzazz to your room.

Easy to integrate

Even if your home is small, it’s easy to create a reading space. All you need is an armchair, good lighting and a small side table.
Happy reading!


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