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Bookcases - Versatile interior décor allies!

Bookcases - Versatile interior décor allies!

Bookcases - Versatile interior décor allies!

Practical and design

Have you run out of storage space? Looking to add a division to an open-concept area? Bookcases offer a very attractive solution to these problems, so why not kill two birds with one stone!

A Scandinavian look

For many years now, the Scandinavian influence has brought a refined look to homes and provided much-appreciated storage solutions. Among these solutions are several types of wall shelves and bookcases that are easy to fit into your interior décor concept. To begin with, decide how best to arrange the shelves on the structure of your bookcase. The point is to gain space, so don’t feel you need to choose wide shelves that will simply gobble up precious space!
Most Scandinavian bookcases have open compartments. The goal should be to create a clean and crisp design without fully closing off the room. Bookshelves are the ideal place to proudly display your most beautiful decorative objects, books, plants and photos. In them, you can showcase any item that deserves to be seen and highlighted on your shelves. You can also place attractive decorative bins on the bottom shelves to hide less visually appealing items.

Why stash everything away?

At the moment, open shelves are trending, and, indeed, accent shelves are the perfect way to tap into this trend! Install them in the space between countertops and cabinets in the kitchen so that accessories and food items are easy to spot. Moreover, they also play a decorative role. It’s time to focus on practical décor! Set up pots of fresh herbs, spices, plates, stacked bowls or your favourite mugs on the shelves. But be sure to choose them carefully. Make sure everything on display matches the theme of your décor to avoid creating a look that’s chaotic! More and more, kitchen cabinets are being replaced with treated- or natural-wood shelves, which lend more depth to a kitchen. Shelves also let you create colour contrasts and feature tableware as a decorative element. Showcase some beautiful objects along with your dishes to create a balance between décor and practicality.

Divide to conquer!

Bookcases are a great ally when it comes to partitioning open spaces. For example, some lofts and bungalows need a division between the kitchen and the living room. Bookcases can also be used to create an office space or a reading nook. An open bookcase is often the most economical and practical choice and can help you create the space or division that best suits your needs for a given area. Free-standing bookcases have no doors, drawers or backs, which keeps them from looking too busy or overloaded. Remember, the idea is to create a separation not clutter! All you have left to do is pick beautiful objects that suit your needs and taste.


Tips and tricks

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