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Create a playroom for your kids!

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Create a playroom for your kids!

Create a playroom for your kids!

Place to creativity

Looking to set up a play area for your children? A host of options are available to help you transform the space you have available! Create the perfect place for kids to play, learn and grow. Whether it’s in the corner of a room or a dedicated room, a playroom must be functional, stimulating and practical so that both young and old enjoy themselves!

One bedroom, two functions

Consider setting up a play area by creating specific zones in a room you’re already using, such your child's room. Organize the space according to your child's age and favourite activities. Above all, try to make practical choices. For example, focus on storage by including colourful boxes to store toys and craft items. Furnish the space with a coffee table and chairs that are sturdy and stable so that it’s easy to craft, draw and play board games. For a welcoming look, place some fun stickers on the walls and add a rug. That’s it. You’re done!

Create themes

For a larger space, start by defining zones according to themes. For instance, fashion a dedicated reading area and add a bean bag chair to create a cozy environment. The key is to have a plan and focus on organization! A small bookcase is a perfect place to store books.
Set up another zone with a small table and chairs dedicated to crafting and drawing. Use colourful boxes to store crafting accessories.
Jigsaw puzzle foam mats are an excellent choice to provide cushioning for when games are more physical.

Repurpose a closet!

Why not turn a closet into a play and crafting area? Make strategic use of every available square inch to create a secret hideout for your youngster! You can use pre-existing shelves as storage for games or crafting supplies and the bottom shelf as a work table. Add a chair, and you're done!
For older children, you can transform a closet into a playhouse! Empty the space and set up a reinforced central shelf that’s both sturdy and wide enough so that your kids can climb on top of it! Adding a small multicoloured ladder to climb onto the shelf is a great idea. To turn the space into the type of “secret hideaway” kids love, install a pole with curtains on either side of the closet. To make this playhouse even cozier, place mini mattresses on the floor and central shelf. For a finishing touch, decorate the playhouse with bright wall stickers.

Let’s get moving! 

Older kids often need to move more, so why not set up game modules? All you need to do is erect a wooden structure and use rope to add a flexible ladder, stirrups, a bar, a swing and a rope with knots to climb, among other things. Remember to protect your gymnast by placing multicoloured foam mats on the floor and securing the structure to the wall with 2-by-4s.
Another fun idea that’s gaining in popularity in playrooms is setting up a climbing wall! You’ll find various types of climbing holds in children's toy stores you can install on a vertical surface. Naturally, these are only suitable for older kids. Remember to place gym mats on the ground to protect your child in the event of a fall. Don’t install holds on the ceiling; the idea is to create a climbing wall that presents no risk of injury. Why not hang a flexible ladder from the ceiling for your little climber? Make sure to place a mat under the ladder to cushion any possible falls, and have fun watching your acrobat climb safely!

Savvy ideas!

Above, we mentioned the popularity of hanging elements. Consider hanging a small swing or a cocoon-like chair from the ceiling to create a fun environment for kids!
A teepee-style tent is another must-have, and it’s easy to integrate either in a bedroom or a playroom. Your child will have a little secret hideaway that will greatly encourage napping and reading, a two-for-one bonus for parents!
Why not promote quiet time by installing an indoor hammock? All you need to do is secure it to two suspension points on the ceiling, and you can create a relaxing haven in a snap. Kids can discover the joys of feeling gravity either in the comfort of their room if there’s enough space, or in their beautiful playroom. Rest assured. These hammocks are designed to hang about two feet off the ground so that there’s no risk of injury. If you feel the need, you can place foam mats underneath to maximize safety.

Don’t neglect the playroom’s walls, even if it’s set up in your child’s bedroom. Walls can work as a stimulating backdrop and even be educational, depending on the chosen theme(s). Here are some ideas to brighten up walls your child is guaranteed to find awesome!

1- A chalkboard wall is perfect for sparking a child's creativity and giving free rein to their imagination. Paint a wall with blackboard paint, and you're done! 

2- The wall stickers are excellent decorative elements. They come in a variety of shapes, themes, colours and sizes and are easy to put on (and take off!) walls.

3- Wallpaper is also an interesting option, as it can cover a large area; some types are even easy to wash.

4- Hang framed pictures, drawings and fun sayings. Pair them with paintings, photos of animals or large letters to create a fabulous, fun-filled wall!

Mix and match some of these ideas to create customized walls your kids will love. For some projects, you can get your child involved in decorating the playroom. Let your imagination guide you, for the greater delight of your children! 


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