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Customize your staircase

Published on : 2019 - 03 - 05

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Customize your staircase

Customize your staircase

Here's how to make it look unique!

Your staircase is one of your home’s most interesting architectural elements. Yet, save for wall hangings, it’s often neglected from an interior design point of view. Thankfully, many techniques, products and tips exist to update the look of your staircase or give it character, including redecorating the steps, risers, banister or the adjacent walls. Below, you’ll find many, mostly low-cost, ideas to make your staircase uniquely beautiful.

A second life

Painting your staircase is a very inexpensive and popular option; it can give your staircase a second lease on life and also hides imperfections in a jiffy. Many painting options are available. One approach is to choose a colour at matches your interior décor. For example, if your banister and risers are white, paint your steps a contrasting colour such as black. Black and white create a lovely, classic effect and blend in well with wood tones. Another approach is to paint the steps or risers an accent colour such as orange, blue or green. You might also consider painting all your steps the same colour but use a completely different colour on the risers. For a truly original look, paint each riser a different colour for a prismatic effect or use variations on the same colour for a gradient effect. You could also create a runner down the staircase, by painting the centre of your steps a solid colour. For a realistic effect, use a slightly lighter or darker colour and a stencil to recreate a carpet pattern. Or, consider using chalkboard paint on the risers so your children can use them as canvases! 

Let your creativity run

You can also add patterns such as hearts, polka dots or straight or herringbone stripes to your staircase with stencils or tape to create the desired pattern. However, keep in mind that some designs may cause dizziness or vertigo when you use the stairs. So, avoid large repetitive patterns.If you don’t want to alter the appearance of your steps but still want to add a little oomph to your staircase, consider painting the vertical bars of your banister. You can paint them in a colour that contrasts with your steps, use two alternating shades or even create a rainbow effect. Given the myriad of colours and patterns available, painting is the option that offers the most possibilities. We recommend consulting a paint specialist to select the right type of paint, as it’s essential your steps not be slippery. Give free rein to your imagination, and add a touch of whimsy to your staircase! Another option...
Install wall-to-wall carpet or a runner down the centre of your staircase. A carpeted staircase also lends an overall sense of grandeur to your space and is often less slippery than bare wood stairs.

Wallpaper isn't just for walls!

An original way to give your staircase a facelift is to apply wallpaper. You can either use it on the adjacent wall(s) or install it on the risers. Another option is to apply wallpaper only on one riser or to use multiple but harmonious wallpaper patterns or colours to create a striking visual effect. Choose wallpaper that features geometric shapes, a mosaic pattern or even a floral theme. Wallpaper is easy to install and adds a unique touch to your décor. Tip: For ease of installation, make sure to choose a wallpaper pattern that isn’t too big. A slightly less expensive, simple and quick technique is to apply decorative decals. As a bonus,  they’re very easy to remove! Once again, a variety of patterns and colours are available. You could choose a decal that features a quote you find meaningful. If the length of the sentence allows, feature one word per riser.

Light the way!

Adding lighting to your staircase not only makes it safer, but it also shines a spotlight on your steps. Choose recessed fixtures designed specifically for stairs that can be installed on the side of your steps or in the centre of the risers. Depending on the type of fixture and the supplier, the number of fixtures required will vary. Alternatively, consider installing an LED ribbon below the nosing of each step.
A fully functional staircase:
The staircase is the ideal place to add storage space or even an office area. Why not add boxes or drawers in the riser under each step to store books or sports and seasonal items? This option requires a little more planning but is very handy when you have a small living room or front hall.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some additional decorating ideas to customize your staircase:
-Are you a car enthusiast? Recycle old license plates by installing them on your risers.
-Don’t feel like hanging family photos in a frame on the wall? Post them on each riser instead!
-Repurpose leftover fabric or buttons by sticking them on your risers.
-Do you have tiles left over from your kitchen renovation? Instead of returning them to the store, install them on your steps or risers to create a visual link between your staircase and your kitchen!
Let these wonderful ideas inspire you to add character and uniqueness to a part of the house that sometimes gets overlooked!


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