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Eclectic style

Well-thought-out décor

Well-thought-out décor

The personal touch !

At its essence, the eclectic style rests on an energetic, eccentric and funky concept and borrows elements from different styles and trends, yet it creates a coherent look using colours, textures and patterns. The eclectic style embraces contrasts that harmonize and draws on a plethora of strategies to achieve a well-considered and well-thought-out décor.

Keep the harmony going.

Generally, two to four design styles provide the foundation for an eclectic interior décor. However, there are no real limitations. Details and the diversity of the elements used play a key role, and their judicious pairing make for a dramatic look. In this way, ordered disorder takes on its full meaning! Both large and small details play a vital role in eclectic interiors. When creating an eclectic décor, it’s essential to keep the principles of proportion and scale in mind. Starting with these basic concepts you can appoint the rest of the space to fit in more naturally, which will help the room maintain its fluidity, despite the overlapping of many colours, patterns and textures.  

Find the right balance.

Make sure a neutral element—a wall, carpet or curtain—is present to soften the overall look of the room. Doing so makes it possible to use more colours and patterns and prevents them from competing with each other. In an eclectic décor, items of sentimental value or travel mementos are featured prominently and add a touch of nostalgia to rooms. By bringing together as many disparate elements as possible, this style allows for full freedom of expression. Arrived at using a methodical, trial and error approach, the eclectic style teems with colours, patterns, textures and unique objects that are paired with brio to achieve a coherent, well-balanced look.

If you like funky and original interior décors, the eclectic style is a perfect fit for you. Create this style to suit your taste, and don’t forget to integrate your most beautiful memories into your daily life by showcasing your mementos! Entertain your family and friends and live in a home that’s fun and comforting and offers a warm and welcoming lifestyle!


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