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Ethnic chic style

Published on : 2018 - 05 - 28

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Ethnic chic style

Ethnic chic style

Ethnic chic style

Ethnic chic is an ever-increasing trend, inspired by cultures from far-flung horizons such as Asia, Africa and India. Creativity also plays an important role, which is a real boon for DIY enthusiasts. This style invokes memories from past travels with neutral, at times warm, colours, furnishings made of natural materials and handicrafts reminiscent of ancestral methods. Its chic side requires an understanding of harmony for a look free of ornamentation and knick-knack clutter. In short, this style is both chic and exotic and focuses on simplicity and the use of natural materials. Let's discover the signature style and key elements that define this very trendy style!

Exotic lighting inspirations

The ethnic chic philosophy promotes a cozy and refined ambiance. That's why several light sources are needed if you want to create a warm atmosphere. Pendant lights, floor and table lamps made with natural materials such as wicker, rattan or bamboo, have ethnic characteristics. If you prefer colourful touches, choose blown-glass lighting fixtures offered in a variety of hues. These colourful lights can play off the room’s colour theme and heighten the ethnic chic effect.

Chic drapes

Fabrics from overseas are a great way to brighten up your walls. Adorn them with beautifully embroidered or patterned, wide or narrow drapes to give your room an authentic, exotic look. You can even drape them over a couch or behind the bed as a headboard. And, why not hang a favourite oriental rug on the walls? Expressing your creativity freely is at the heart of ethnic chic. Sometimes, different colours and patterns can be visually overwhelming. Be mindful of respecting the colour scheme and use these fabrics sparingly. Small tip: Hang drapes from a tree branch or a rope attached to the ceiling!

Carpets with geometric patterns and exotic wood flooring

When it comes to carpets, ethnic chic focuses on geometric patterns in natural tones. However, show the same restraint as with the drapes and avoid visual overload by mixing too many colours and patterns. Carpets are highly prized in ethnic chic décors. They set the tone for the room and draw the eye. In addition to magnificent oriental rugs, many other styles are available such as Berber mats or Bukhara rugs (Buddhist influence).

Handwoven Baskets

Ethnic chic and handwoven baskets are birds of a feather. You can place baskets virtually anywhere! Whether you choose a bamboo basket in the corner of the living room, a rattan one in the bathroom or a wicker one at the foot of the bed, you’ll have a practical natural fibre addition to your ethnic chic world! Be inspired by objects from Asia, Africa and Oceania to find your own ethnic chic arrangement. Use large, tinted glass containers as decorative elements, and top things off with a gorgeous woven screen as a room divider!

Ethnic chic ottomans and cushions

Fabrics such as wool, linen and silk are characteristic of ethnic chic. To create harmony or add a dash of colour, choose geometrically-designed cushions and throws in sober or bright shades, according to the room’s theme. Think how floor cushions take centre stage in faraway lands, where piled mattresses are used to create comfortable seating.Ottomans with tight rattan weaves are also very popular in exotic décors due to their nomadic air. Scatter them around a coffee table or about the room to create a cozy atmosphere in your personally-appointed, ethnic chic living space.

An authentic style

Ethnic chic is marked by its exotic look and authenticity. When you travel, browse through the markets and craft stores to purchase beautiful objects typical of the region, such as a wall hanging or even a linen sheet! Browse flea markets for vintage furniture, rattan armchairs and weathered side tables! Any of these items will be a natural fit in an ethnic chic setting! So, keep a sharp eye out and remember that achieving harmony is the key. Unleash your creativity!


Black pendant

This dining room has a ethnic chic touch with its woven chairs and this cactus adds an exotic touch.


 Bronze wall sconce

A very zen office area with these notes that aspires nature ! We also find the ethnic chic style in the personalization of a space.


Single pendant

A relaxation zone with an ethnic chic touch! Spread wicker baskets on the floor with essential oils to create an ambience of the Middle East !


Black & gold wall sconce

This small relaxation space is not only a well reclaimed space, but it is a perfect representation of the ethnic chic style and it’s also perfect for reading a good book !


Black & gold dome pendant

The dome shape lighting gives an oriental aspect to this dining room. This mix of styles brings a subtle but present ethnic chic character.


Bronze pendant

Add a leather sofa, a chandelier with a circle structure, a wooden table with a worked edge and we have a real ethnic chic decor !


Tips and tricks

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