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Fixtures that truly light up a room

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Fixtures that truly light up a room

Fixtures that truly light up a room

More than lighting

Uttermost has a wide range of transitional to rustic lighting products. Always on the lookout for the latest trends, the company offers a variety of unique light fixtures suitable for all décor styles. Uttermost sets itself apart thanks to its extensive selection of traditional lighting designs. Indeed, looks that call back to old traditions and styles are trending. These traditional light fixtures – at time slightly updated – will stand the test of time and serve as a tone-setting decorative element in your home. Because it always strives to offer a diverse selection of products, Uttermost also offers rustic and transitional lighting products. We present them below and highlight their elegant, timeless traditional style, a style that’s here to stay!

Authentic new arrivals with a rustic inspiration

Let these Uttermost products take you back to basics. These new signature products for 2019 feature a distinctive and highly sought-after rustic style. Discover timeless light fixtures made of high-quality raw materials that are as durable as they are attractive. Each fixture has a one-of-a-kind profile and characteristics, making them unique, authentic and wholly attractive.


Raw and natural materials come together in this modern chandelier that’s sure to become the focal point of any room. For an added touch of character, nutmeg wood with well-defined veins is edged with aged, hammered bronze trim. The hammered metal technique used is reminiscent of Medieval blacksmiths.


This rustic-style linear pendant light is made of 100% solid wood. The arched iron highlights the industrial style that makes this light fixture super versatile. The black metal also has a bronze finish for a lovely rusty effect that accentuates the fixture’s old-fashioned style.


This wholly unique, yet simple, rustic pendant light features modern, refined lines. It features articulated arms, medium-chestnut stained wood and brushed silver metal and can be easily integrated into all décor styles. 


This chandelier has a triangular design made up of wooden slats for a geometric and rustic style. The oiled walnut wood finish is highlighted by an antique brass accent, a dark bronze metal finish and a very trendy cubic design.


This light fixture can easily be integrated into a rustic décor to create an attractive juxtaposition of styles. Its textured black exterior finish, white interior and lower metal cage give it a vintage and modern look and will help create a warm and trendy atmosphere.

Timeless light fixtures

Uttermost also offers new, more transitional, products for 2019. The transitional style is defined by its combination of traditional characteristics and slightly more contemporary design. The combination of these attributes results in versatile light fixtures that serve as a modern bridge to the past. This style, often associated with a bronze, brass or chrome finishes, adds a soothing, comforting and timeless look to a home. Overall, the lines are clean and free of heavy ornamentation.


The style of this chandelier is on point for 2019. Its mid-century look implies a true return to basics. This trend was dazzling in the 1960s, but today’s style includes a modern touch. You’re sure to appreciate this fixture’s antique brass finish and light-orange tinted glass.


This transitional chandelier draws its inspiration from industrial styles. The bronze, oil-rubbed braided metal enhances the brass accents. This light fixture is very original thanks to its leather straps and rivets. It’s sure to add a dramatic decorative touch to your home.


The look of this chandelier is very much in vogue. It has an antique brass finish, and the wire of each of its pendants is wrapped around a large central ring. This versatile light fixture can be integrated seamlessly into transitional, industrial, rustic and contemporary décors.


This light fixture has a spectacular, dynamic shape and will serve as a decorative focal point if you’re looking to create a contemporary and eccentric interior design. Its internal lights are a nod to the traditional style while its chrome shape comes across as modern.


There’s currently strong interest in geometric-style lighting, and this simple pendant light is a good example of this trend. Its champagne-coloured glass is adorned with eye-catching dark bronze. These pendant lights are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a vintage and intriguing look!

A reassuring link to the past 

Uttermost also offers a wide selection of refined, traditional-style products well suited to homes with a great deal of architectural detail. Classic, elegant and comforting, traditional light fixtures have a lot of panache! Discover chandeliers, ceiling lights, table lamps and wall sconces that feature pronounced curves and worked metal with an abundance of ornamentation. Uttermost embraces authenticity and always pays attention to detail.


This chandelier is the embodiment of traditional sophistication and channels old-fashioned woodworking methods. And this light fixture doesn’t necessarily need to be used in a traditional décor; it will also pair well with any contemporary décor where it will create a delightful contrast of styles.


This fixture’s silver- and champagne-toned leaf finish and translucid crystals will add a sparkling effect that enhances your room’s visual appeal. This type of ceiling light is very versatile and suitable for any room in your home. Moreover, its simple lines make it suitable for all décor styles.


This gorgeous cut-glass wall sconce exudes elegance and can easily be integrated into a bathroom, bedroom or living room. Defined by a traditional style, this wall sconce features an abundance of details in its design and will serve as a beautiful decorative element on your wall.


This silver table lamp straddles the traditional and rustic styles thanks to its pronounced, slightly old-fashioned patina. It’s the perfect choice of lighting for a bedside table or console. This lamp is sure to enhance your décor.

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