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Furniture that draws inspiration from the four corners of the globe

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Furniture that draws inspiration from the four corners of the globe

Furniture that draws inspiration from the four corners of the globe


Furniture can breathe life into space

Uttermost also sets itself apart by offering a wide selection of furniture. Because everyone likes variety and the luxury of choice, Uttermost offers furniture that suits all décors. Lacquered wood, concrete, glass and metal are an integral part of the minimalist wave that has taken hold in recent years. In current trends, brass has once again gained ascendancy, presented under a new light that has nothing to do with its former, outdated image! Paired with modern and trendy elements, brass is shining a new light on the lighting and furniture industry.

Maximizing comfort 

Uttermost offers a wide range of magnificent footrests upholstered in faux fur, leather or cotton. A footrest is a perfect item to create a relaxing environment conducive to relaxation. They’re versatile and can be used in almost any spare corner of the house. Some pieces are suitable for reading, while others add a beautiful decorative element. Uttermost’s line of high-quality footrests and benches are worthy of your home’s décor and are such to encourage relaxing downtime. As practical as they are charming, they’ll complement your interior design!


This bench is upholstered in fake fur that’s available in many hues. It features geometric feet and a black with a gold patina finish that are right on target for 2019’s trends. Use it as a footrest or a useful piece of accent furniture!

An eye-catching design 

Uttermost offers a wide selection of chairs that embody traditional and transitional trends. Other chair offerings have a more contemporary look with the curvy design currently taking the industry by storm. Their elegant scalloped silhouettes are adorned with luxurious fabrics in earthy, cold or warm colours. Use these chairs around a dining table or as extra seating in a spare corner. Thanks to the variety available, you’re sure to find the perfect chair for you!


Here’s a prime example of a scalloped chair featuring a seashell-shaped backrest. Inspired by the sea, this contemporary design serves as an eloquent contrast in any traditional décor.

Practical and decorative 

Uttermost likes to focus on décor ideas that are also practical. Discover a host of accent furniture that can be used to maximize storage or create an additional work surface such as a sideboard or island. These space-saving items are made of solid wood, have refined lines that will add a touch of elegance to your home and offer a little something for everyone. If you’re looking for a versatile piece of furniture, keep in mind that many of these items come equipped with casters so that they can be moved to suit your purpose. 


If you’re looking for a pared-down island or a lunch counter, this will become your go-to piece. You’ll love its simple design, patina finish and glossy grey wooden surfaces that blend in with most styles.

The essential

A low coffee table is an essential element you use daily. Often placed in the middle of the living room, it serves as a centrally located surface ideal for displaying decorative objects, setting down your tablet, stacking magazines or even propping up your feet! It’s essential for it to blend in with the surrounding décor. Moreover, it should never be in the way and must adapt to your needs. Because the possibilities are endless, Uttermost offers coffee tables in all shapes, finishes and materials to meet consumers’ varied requirements. 


Geometric shapes are very much in the spirit of the times. It’s little wonder, then, that this low table is causing a furore. Distinguished by its mango wood veneer and aged black finish, it also features a polished surface that creates a beautiful and unique effect. 

The durability of concrete

Concrete is one of today’s most popular materials. Durable, raw and highly sought-after, it come in multiple attractive formats. While concrete has been used for countertop surfaces, floors and wall coverings, it’s also popping up more and more in decorative elements and furniture. Always on top of the latest trends, Uttermost has integrated concrete into some of its products. You’ll find it on the surface of the oh-so-practical side table below, among other items!


This sleek side table will charm you with its elegant lines that contrast with the raw and solid look of concrete. It’s sure to come in handy next to an armchair or by the couch to hold a book or table lamp.

The return of brass

Without a doubt, 2019’s featured metallic colour is brass. This timeless metal will add a touch of refinement to your décor. While brass comes in many forms, brass-accented furniture is an especially attractive one. Brass is the ideal material for lamps and light fixtures, handles and decorative objects. Whether you plan to use it widely or sparingly, Uttermost offers a wide selection of unique products made of high-quality brass. 


This minimalist, space-saving high table is made of glass – one of today’s award-winning materials – and brass. Its spiral legs make it a truly unique piece. 

Practical deco solution

Uttermost also offers many practical and stylish storage and accent furniture solutions to appoint any free space. Finding the right piece of furniture for an accent wall without cluttering it up can be a difficult task. That's why console tables are the perfect option. Not only are they decorative, but their surfaces can accommodate a wide range of objects that can personalize your home. Depending on its design, a console can hide a host of unattractive items you want to keep within easy reach. 


This natural pinewood console comes equipped with an aged oak top that showcases its wood’s grain beautifully. The textured black metal legs make it easy to integrate this style into a more industrial and raw-looking décor.

More than a stool

Uttermost also offers a host of stools for use with islands or lunch counters. Stools can be one of the main focal points in a kitchen’s overall decorative scheme. Current trends lean towards a more minimalist and rustic style, and a host of models are available in this vein. These stools are made of quality materials and offer great stability. You’re sure to find the right stool for you. 


Here’s an excellent example of an industrial stool that’s made of materials sure to draw the eye. With its walnut-stained wood and hand-forged, aged-steel base, it will highlight the rustic aspect of your interior décor.

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