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Rustic chic style

A return to the roots, up to date

A return to the roots, up to date

A modern link with the past 

Get back to your roots with the rustic style. Inspired by country houses and cottages, this style draws on raw materials and neutral tones to create a warm and comforting atmosphere. This casual style also embraces everything related to nature and easily integrates DIY items. While it comes in many variations, this style will remain well defined as long as you respect its unique guidelines.

What is the rustic style ?

The rustic style results from the savvy mix of items that recall a bygone era and evoke a feeling of nostalgia, but it’s also modern. This style, inspired by the country lifestyle, is defined by the use of unusual colours and mixed and raw material highlighted by rustic accessories. Creativity is also a hallmark of the style, and DIY elements are often included in the mix. Barn wood and rough planks, with their rough, imperfect aspects, are ideal in this style. Use these panels and planks on walls, ceilings, floors and furniture. Another stand-out element in this style is metal, which acts as a wonderful counterpoint to wood and lends a raw and rustic look.

A well-furnished style

Furniture in the rustic style is often massive and typically simple and unadorned and made of metal or wood. A classic look is just the ticket! Choose stained, painted or antiqued wood for a more vintage look. Incorporate metal touches either sparingly in the furniture or more prominently in wall décor, stools, light fixtures and anywhere else that seems appropriate. The rustic style is made up of furniture and elements that bear time’s imprint. A rustic-style décor calls for light fixtures that are as authentic as it is. Again, look for raw materials such as wood, metal or wrought iron that can frame and showcase a gorgeous vintage bulb. Don’t be afraid to mix styles and add a fixture that has an industrial note.

Authentic colors and objects

White, cream and grey shades are the perfect choice to offset darker furniture and decorative items as they balance the room’s décor and offer a soothing contrast. For walls, it’s best to opt for natural colours such as taupe, earth tones, other and brown.In rustic-style interiors, retro accessories—such as those available in second-hand shops and flea markets—feature prominently. Old-fashioned items, even those that are worn and rusty, can be an integral part of a rustic décor! Creativity can play a big part. Put on your DIY hat and experiment. Make a coffee table with recycled pallet wood, hang wooden wine crates on the wall and dress them with vintage accessories or mount pine planks on cement blocks to create a TV stand. There’s no limit to the ingredients you can call on to achieve a rustic look!

Distinctive light fixtures

Combine wood light fixtures or any other raw material and get a perfect match with the rustic style. Metals such as copper, bronze, brushed silver and graphite will support the typical tones used in the room and accentuate the authenticity.


Black & gold pendant.

This light fixture fits perfectly with the rustic signature and brings a chic look. 

P527-16 193

Grid & vintage bulbs.

This chandelier brings a beautiful vintage twist to the room and stands as a focal point.


Reading lamp.

Practical! The clamp-on lamp can be changed in next to no time depending of your needs.

ICH676A05 BKG40

Geometric pendant.

A geometric touch to bring a nice singularity to your rustic dining room!


Tips and tricks

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