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The bedside table, more than just a pretty object!

Published on : 2019 - 03 - 26

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The bedside table, more than just a pretty object!

The bedside table, more than just a pretty object!

Clearly, the bed is the most essential element in a bedroom. But, next to the bed, you’ll find a small piece of furniture that’s both extremely practical as well as decorative. We’re speaking of the bedside table or nightstand, naturally! This small must-have piece of furniture ensures you can have everything you need at hand for bedtime and overnight, such as an alarm clock, a book, a glass of water and a table lamp. It’s important to keep a few considerations in mind when choosing a bedside table, as they are available in many shapes, sizes and styles.

Available space

Choose a bedside table according to its intended use. For example, do you want to place an alarm clock, lamp or book on it? A bedside table with drawers provides additional storage space so that it doesn’t necessarily need to be very big. When you go shopping, remember to keep in mind how much space you have on each side of your bed to select a table that’s just the right size.
To pick the table that’s perfect for you, first measure the height of your bed (mattress and bed). The table should be neither lower nor higher than the mattress, although, since beds and tastes differ widely, no ideal height exists. Simply make sure your book or glass of water will be easily accessible. Most nightstands are designed to reach the top of the mattress and measure approximately 25 to 30 inches high and 15 inches square. If two people are sleeping in the room, but you only have space for one table, consider a model that’s big enough to meet both people’s needs.


You have many choices when it comes to style! Whether your room is modern or traditional, you can choose to match your furniture by selecting a table from the same collection as your bed or dresser. Usually, you can get a good price when you purchase items from the same collection. However, you might also consider matching furniture according to colour rather than design. Or, why not play the originality card and pick a bedside table whose style and colour contrast with your bed. For example, if you have a light-coloured bed, opt for a dark nightstand, or if you have a contemporary bed, choose a traditional bedside table or even two mismatched nightstands.

Here are some nightstand style ideas available on the market:

Box-style bedside table:
With a modern, square or rectangular, design, a box-style bedside table takes up the floor space and provides excellent storage space.

Modern look 

Minimalist bedside table:
If you're a fan of repurposing furniture or other items, try using a stool, an old suitcase or a side table as a nightstand.

The suspended bedside table:
A suspended nightstand is an ideal solution if you’re looking to create a subtle, high-design décor. Such nightstands consist of mattress-height shelves or drawers. If you’re short on space, this type of table is perfect as it’s wall-mounted. However, suspended bedside tables are often smaller than their legged counterparts.

Tech-friendly bedside table:
Some bedside table models include a charging station, phone or USB ports and even integrated lamps! These features can be very convenient if you want to charge your e-reader or cell in the bedroom.


No one ever complains about having extra storage space! Some bedside table models come with drawers, shelves or a door. Nightstands with one or more drawers are convenient if you’re looking for a handy place to store medications, hand cream or other personal effects. If you enjoy reading in bed, models with shelves are an excellent choice to store and display books or magazines. To store larger items, choose a model with a door so that you have enough space to store your alarm clock or family photos.


Tips and tricks

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