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The farmhouse style

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The farmhouse style

The farmhouse style

A reassuring link with the past

A mix of rustic and shabby chic, the farmhouse style aims to create a sense of calm by setting up a soothing atmosphere. Leap into a world filled with nostalgia and a setting with a story to tell. This style is simple to integrate into modern or contemporary décor styles. Let’s face it. Mixing styles always produces unique and attractive results!

Soft and soothing colours

The top colours for farmhouse-style walls are white, cream and pastels. These shades create a soft and soothing backdrop for your home! Surprisingly, when used sparingly, black can help create a charming contrast when used in tandem with one of these base colours. Now, just add a few touches of wood, and you're done!
In small doses and used judiciously, bright colours also play a role in the farmhouse style.
In all its forms, wood is popular as wall covering in the farmhouse style. Spotlight on: panelling! There’s no reason to break the bank to get this look. Indeed, HDF panels are available that imitate various types of wood panelling. Barn wood planks are ideal for installation on a ceiling or a wall.

Timeless objects

The key to success is to create groups of vintage items. Many retailers offer a host of antique replicas, which are must-haves! As echoes of the past, they offset the farmhouse décor to perfection. Don’t hesitate to browse bazaars and flea markets where you’re sure to find a myriad of authentic old-fashioned objects!
 The possibilities are endless. Anything that’s been used in the past can serve a whole new function today. For example, an old ladder can easily be converted into a bathroom towel rack, and old wooden boxes can be repurposed as bookcases or mounted wall shelves. Pallet wood can also be used as a base to create a host of furniture items and homemade decorative objects! DIY suits the farmhouse style very well.

As time goes by

Fabrics can also enhance your farmhouse décor. Select gorgeous white or grey bed linens made of natural fibres such as cotton and linen. As in the past, use tone-on-tone prints to add texture and richness to the look of your bed.
Use the same approach when it comes to the curtains. Choose beautiful and flowing fabrics that will take flight on breezy summer days! Here again, opt for a white, cream, pale grey or faded pastel colour palette.
Quilts and multi-coloured, flat-woven carpets are sure to enhance a farmhouse-style home.

A truly enlightened

To cap off the expression of the farmhouse style, you need to choose the right light fixtures. Fortunately, many lighting options suit this design style. Industrial-style light fixtures, for example, offer just the right contrast while also providing a certain continuity through the mix of old and new, which is characteristic of the farmhouse style.
Remember to focus on wood! To this end, rustic-looking light fixtures are exactly what’s called for in the farmhouse style.
For their part, traditional and transitional light fixtures create a timeless and comforting setting. These light fixtures act as a link to the past, which is the very essence of the farmhouse style!


Tips and tricks

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