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Top 10 : Modern lighting 2019

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Top 10 : Modern lighting 2019

Top 10 : Modern lighting 2019

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The modern decor promotes functionality, ergonomics and durability. It is also based on avant-garde, sleek and chic design concepts. As far as light fixtures are concerned, geometric shapes are favoured in all the structures and often trend towards a contemporary and minimalist style. These features make these lights versatile and timeless.
Our top 10 for the year 2019 will showcase the excitement around this trend!


This pendant also stands out thanks to its flexible LED twist strip. Its contemporary and unique look will be the focal point of any room. This light will brighten and illuminate your decor in the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom and even the bathroom.


This bathroom wall sconce provides optimal lighting over the vanity mirror. The front LED light, slightly tilted forward, will produce optimal brightness for makeup or shaving. Its modern look will add a beautiful decorative element to your bathroom. 


This LED sconce is very popular. We understand why! Its spiral and symmetrical shape make it really fashionable. Its multi-directional lighting is very deco-practical. It might be hard to choose a specific place for it as it will suit any wall in the house.


This type of light is perfect for a stairwell! The cables are equipped with a discrete LED strip, making it sleek as well as efficient. Its adjustable cables offer a wide range of possibilities for the creation of your very own luminous design. 


This LED fan will bring a nice modern touch to your room.
Its innovative look is refreshing and a far cry from the usual concepts. These ceiling fans will help you save you electricity based on the rotation with the current season.


This pendant also highlights its twisted effect. This shape is undeniably popular this year! Its internal LED strip will give a nice felted light effect and its slim and sleek design will not clutter your space. The traditional virtue of brass produces great contrast with the more modern appearance of the light.


This LED floor lamp stands out thanks to its sleek and linear design. Its press memory button with and dimmer enables you to adjust the lighting based on your activity or the time of day. Its universal design enables it to blend in various decors.


This pendant is reminiscent of the orbital forms that swarms the design world. In keeping with the geometric idea, its various overlapping circles create an appealing and timeless visual. This pendant can suit the industrial design style as well as a more modern style.


Thin flush mount ceiling lights are fashionable and this one stands out thanks to its originality! Its square LED patterns are quite unique, with ambient and decorative lighting. Its avant-garde style will be a major asset in your modern decor.


This LED pendant has two crossed overlapping rings. You can adjust them for a custom look. The contrast between white and black is all the rage and sticks to several well-established trends. This light will easily fit your decor thanks to its neutral appearance. 


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TOP 12 : Single pendants

TOP 12 : Single pendants

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2019 design trends : lighting fixture.

2019 design trends : lighting fixture.

For 2019, light fixtures with a rustic, industrial and mid-century look will be in the spotlight. Whether your style is traditional or modern, these fixtures will easily integrate with your décor. Authenticity is guaranteed!