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Top 10 : wooden chandeliers

Top 10 : wooden chandeliers

Top 10 : wooden chandeliers

Authentic and trendy lighting

A decoration based on natural elements has the virtue to calm the occupants who live in addition to provid a warm atmosphere. The wooden fixtures reinforce the essence of rustic decorations but they also fit in with most decorative styles thanks to their versatile and timeless look. We present you our star 10 products, each more attractive than the others!

F3191/4 WOW/AF

These transitional chandeliers create a modern link with the past. They are timeless and will bring elegance to your decor.

1-3922-6 120

The mixture of metal and wood combines a rustic and industrial look. This raw aspect is very trendy.

44229 AVI

This linear arrangement of wooden slats creates a pattern where light can diffuse through, creating a unique effect.

43185 AUB

This chandelier is distinguished by its rich auburn finish. There is a strong enthusiasm around geometric shapes.


Made of worn down wood, it reminds us of the railways of the past. Sockets wrap around, reinforcing the rustic look.


This exclusive Multi Luminaire is an attractive blend of traditional and rustic style. This chandelier will enhance your decor.

P637-22 BK

If you want a modern and natural touch, this pendant will take up the challenge. You will be charmed by these brown wooden slats.

P440-12 242

This chandelier is very versatile. Its fine mesh and three wooden slats remind us of a modern version of old days lanterns.

F2935/4 WOW/AF

This modern rustic chandelier is made of weathered oak wood and its antique forged iron chandelier will give character to your home.

E21028 COF

This pendant is a bold mix of transitional with integrated LED. Its coffee color easily integrates with other wood tones.


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