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Floor lighting

Table and floor lamps provide extra lighting for any room while complementing the decor. We offer various models suitable for several areas, from a work environment to a more relaxed setting.

Floor lighting
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Floor Lighting

Floor lamps are a must in any room and our models will fit your decor stylishly. Floor lamps and table lamps are both practical and decorative. We offer a wide range of styles, colours and materials. Let yourself be inspired by our selection which is categorized by size, price, finish and style. Floor lamps will add the finishing touch to your lighting plan.

You can use the accent lamp on a bedside table, on a desk or even on a shelf. Direct connection makes them very versatile. They not only offer accent lighting where needed but are also quite decorative. Since table lamps come in a variety of materials, colours, sizes and styles, they will fit perfectly with any other light in your room. In short, table lamps can be considered as a decorative object. It is a great idea to add one to each room of the house!

Floor lamps are often used to make up for insufficient lighting wherever general lighting is less efficient. Whether next to a sofa or in a corner of your bedroom, when placed strategically, these lamps will beautify your home. They can be plugged directly in a wall socket, just like the table lamps.

You must consider the space available in your room before choosing your floor lamp. A lamp that is too big will be cumbersome and disproportionate while a floor lamp that is too small will make the room look empty. Our large selection will definitely help you find the best floor lamp.

Working with adequate lighting is essential and contributes to your efficiency and visual comfort. For extra lighting or to light a specific area of your office, choose a task lamp. The reading lamp is the perfect candidate for illuminating work surfaces.

We offer several styles, finishes, sizes and shapes. You will definitely find the desk lamp that will suit your work decor.