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Wall lights

Choose from our array of wall light models for your wall decor. The wall sconces are not only exquisite, they also brighten any room or decorative object to perfection.

Wall lights
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Wall lights

When planning your home's lighting, do not forget your walls. Lighting should not come only from the ceiling; wall sconces will highlight your space.

Sconces are mostly used in the bathroom, but they can also be installed in the bedroom, in the corridor or on the mantelpiece. Our wide range of wall sconces will not only give you extra brightness, they will also add a decorative touch thanks to their exquisite design. For adequate lighting to carry out daily activities such as shaving and makeup in the bathroom, install a wall sconce light above or on the sides of your mirror. When installing a bathroom wall sconce above the mirror, most of the time it should be a minimum of 24 inches in length.

You can also use sconces where extra light is useful, like on either side of the bed, as a bedside table. There is no height rule for installing a sconce in a room. It all depends on their use and your environment.

To decorate the walls of your hallway, maximize lighting and for added safety, you can add wall sconces every 6 to 8 feet and at a distance of 60 inches from the floor.

Are you thinking about shedding light on your paintings? Picture lights will not only highlight them, they will also add a beautifully warm atmosphere to your space. Usually equipped with a long arm, the wall sconce can direct the light on your frame for homogeneous lighting. Our products usually use an electrical box, but many of our picture lights also have a direct connection option.