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2019 design trends : lighting fixture.

2019 design trends : lighting fixture.

2019 design trends : lighting fixture.

For 2019, light fixtures with a rustic, industrial and mid-century look will be in the spotlight. Whether your style is traditional or modern, these fixtures will easily integrate with your décor. Authenticity is guaranteed! 

P1304 HGG

These industrial pendant lights are very versatile. They offer a well-balanced combination of old and new, as their designers were inspired by typical factory settings. Such fixtures are the focus of 2019’s trends and are particularly suited to rustic, urban and industrial settings. 

P1442 MB-LED

Dome light fixtures are still very trendy in 2019! Their contemporary look blends with all decorative styles. Their downward-directed lighting produces an intimate and muted atmosphere. With long tables, opt for two domes set side by side to create a decidedly contemporary effect.


For a look inspired by the mid-century style, these globes make for an attractive, raw and transitional effect. In the past, this model was designed in natural materials such as rattan or wicker. Today’s updated version recalls the 1960s while remaining resolutely modern.

P527-16 193

The rustic chic trend is well established and won’t fade any time soon! This trend also extends to lighting. The fashion for designs featuring wood and metal is in full swing. Such fixtures are well suited to any rustic design and make for a trendy, authentic look.

JA14028 BK

Geometric light fixtures will continue to be popular in 2019. Their avant-garde design means they express a rather futuristic style. Today, they are available in forms better suited to contemporary settings, so anyone can choose a modern look that matches their décor.

7-160-5 61

The timeless contemporary trend is a must, with its combination of comfort and functionality, it is defined by a lack of ornamentation, sleek lines, unique, texture-free finishes and a feeling of lightness and sobriety. 

DMI 4410C-BK

The premise of the “mid-century” style is a return to sources but with a modern touch. Today’s designs feature elements inspired by the style of the 60s that adapt well to 2019’s trends. These light fixtures are ideally compatible with any contemporary décor.


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Top 10 : Geometric lighting

Top 10 : Geometric lighting

Geometric fixtures are very popular this year. Here is our top 10 !
Ethnic chic style

Ethnic chic style

Ethnic chic is an ever-increasing trend, inspired by cultures from far-flung horizons such as Asia, Africa and India. Creativity also plays an important role, which is a real boon for DIY enthusiasts. This style invokes memories from past travels with neutral, at times warm, colours, furnishings made of natural materials and handicrafts reminiscent of ancestral methods.