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Add style to your room with a headboard

Published on : 2019 - 07 - 30

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Add style to your room with a headboard

Add style to your room with a headboard

A beautiful decorative element

As a decorative object, a headboard can lend character to your bedroom. In addition to being a great way to dress up the wall behind your bed, a headboard can play a functional role by providing integrated storage. You can even hang a reading lamp from it. By adding a headboard to your room, you can give it a makeover in minutes. So why do without one?

Personalize it

Headboards come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, materials and styles. Whether you’re looking to create a classic, vintage, modern or exotic style, furniture and home décor stores offer a wide range of products that are usually included with beds. If you want a more original, custom product, why not create your own headboard. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

The pallet wood

Pallet wood has become very popular both inside and outside the home and makes a great headboard. Just purchase two pallets, sand them to avoid splinters and remove or hide any protruding nails. Next, paint or varnish the wood or simply leave it in its original state if you’re aiming for a rustic look. Finally, secure it to the wall with screws and brackets and admire your work!

Art above the bed

A headboard need not be attached to your bed. A canvas or frames can do the trick very well. Artwork will give the room a focal point while adding presence to your wall. You can achieve this effect just as well on a small budget as on a larger one!


All you need to do is paint all your walls and the ceiling a neutral colour and use an accent colour for the wall where your bed is located. Or, you may prefer painting in an accent colour a rectangle that’s the same width as your bed (or the same width as the bed plus your bedside tables) and run all the way to the ceiling. And why not create a striking effect by painting a frame in a contrasting colour? Choose two hues of accent paint (one lighter than the other) and create a speckled effect.

Self-adhesive vinyl

Very easy to install, self-adhesive vinyl comes in a wide range of styles, shapes and colours. You can either purchase them from a home décor store or have the motif of your choice printed at a print shop. Install them on your entire wall or create your very own original work of art!

Wall covering 

Many types of wall coverings are available on the market. Whether you choose wallpaper, wooden planks or metal sheets, the end result is sure to be eye-catching and create a striking visual backdrop for your bed. Installing decorative mouldings can also produce very impressive results. Install them vertically and horizontally to create boxes. Add them to your entire wall or only the part where your bed is located, according to your taste.

Upholstered headboard

A fabric headboard will give your room a sophisticated, classic look. Also, it provides added comfort so that you can lean back against it. Available in a wide variety of styles and materials (leather, fabric, velvet), it’s easy to find the perfect headboard for your room. If you want your headboard to last a long time, choose a durable, neutral fabric.

More storage 

Do you need extra storage in your room? Here’s the solution: a headboard with storage! This type of headboard usually protrudes from your bed on both sides and extends to the floor. Most models include shelves, drawers and some even have built-in bedside tables!


Tips and tricks

A reading nook offers guaranteed relaxation!

A reading nook offers guaranteed relaxation!

A reading nook isn’t just reserved for reading. You can also find refuge in this small space to enjoy quiet and solitary moments of relaxation. Depending on the space you have, you can set up your haven in a remote corner of the living room or in your bedroom or office, or you can designate a complete room as a reading area.