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Published on : 2023 - 03 - 29

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Embracing Effortless Elegance

With the boho chic trend, we are transported into a multi-faceted universe where ethnic, hippie, oriental, vintage styles as well as First Nations culture merge beautifully. First inspired by the hippie movement of the 1960s-1970s, boho chic is now sleeker and more refined. This style features a relaxing atmosphere where different handcrafted, traditional, natural and spiritual elements come together. It is characterized by a kaleidoscope of creativity, colours and freedom as well. Let your imagination run free by mixing patterns, textures and objects from trips around the world-- no need for advice from fashionistas!


Boho chic promotes cozy sofas and armchairs with rounded shapes and natural fabrics in warm colours. Vintage or modern furniture is also an excellent choice. Accent furniture such as a coffee table or an exotic-looking bookshelf blend perfectly in this style. A hammock or hanging chairs in your room create a relaxing, serene mood, inspiring a sense of freedom. Feel free to add ottomans made of leather, wool or featuring Oriental patterns. Focus on the more important rooms to prevent your furniture from competing with one another.


Everything suits this style: old and new, different materials, patterns and textures. As a starting point for this style, use natural materials such as wood and wicker. You can also choose gemstones (onyx, coral), rattan as well as leather. As for the fabrics, you can pick anything made from natural fibres, with an artisanal look. The fusion of fabrics is an essential element in this style-- colour, pattern and texture are equally important. You can use wool, felt, macramé, feathers, velvet and even fur. All of these elements will add authenticity and warmth to your room.


Regarding the accessories, you can take your pick as long as they fit this atypical style. The carpet is the accessory to focus on when it comes to the boho chic decor. Whether Berber, Persian or with fringes, it has to be colourful. For comfort and relaxation, you can add cushions-- lots of cushions, either on the floor or on the couch. You can play with colours, patterns and textures. Unleash your creativity! Decorate your wall with a round mirror with leather straps or macramé
artwork. The dream catcher is a must for your wall decor. Choose light net fabrics like lace for your windows.

Small accessories ideas for any room: Candlestick in a metal box, wicker basket, wooden chest, golden vase. Since this style does not favour minimalism, you can add any number of accessories you wish, based on
your comfort and tastes.


Warm,earthy colours are the foundation of this style. You can also opt for more vivid and contrasting colours. Feel free to mix colours. Since freedom is at the heart of boho chic, go for the colours you like. If you like understated and refined decors, choose a neutral base such as white, pale gray and pastel shades. For a more refreshing look, add more colourful decorative elements to your room. These clear hues also merge effortlessly with gold or silver to brighten your room. If you choose this palette, feel free to add a lot of different textures. For a warmer decor, paint your walls with warm shades like beige, brown, orange or olive green. For a more daring touch, combine warm colours with coppery red, gold or even an assortment of colours. A maximum of four different colours is more than enough to avoid an overloaded look.


In addition to colours and materials, patterns are an integral part of boho chic. The sky is the limit! You can combine various ethnic motifs such as Hindu, oriental or hippie with flowery or striped prints. Patterns can be featured on your fabrics, accessories or walls.


Plants are a must in the bohemian style; use them as much as you can. It is important to add nature to your room. Green plants, cacti or tropical shrubs-- everybody loves them! You can hang the plants from the ceiling to save space. Terracotta or coloured ceramic pots are a wonderful way to dress up your windowsill or your table centre.

As you can see, boho chic is characterized by eclecticism. If you want this kind of atmosphere at home, you have to go for an overall warm decor where you feel good.


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