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Japandi Style: Where Scandinavia Meets Japan

Published on : 2021 - 09 - 24

Multi  Luminaire

Multi Luminaire

Multi Luminaire
Japandi Style:  Where Scandinavia Meets Japan

Japandi Style: Where Scandinavia Meets Japan


Wabi-sabi and hygge

Do you love the combination of zen, functional and cozy for your space? The Japandi style is perfect for you! The portmanteau term comes from the words Japan and Scandinavia. This new minimalistic design reexplores the refined aesthetic by adding a sophisticated oriental touch. This new trend made its first appearance a few seasons ago, but has since been stealing the spotlight in 2021. 

A hybrid trend

Geographically, Scandinavia and Japan are over 7000km apart; however, in the world of design, they are side by side. The fundamental principles of these two cultures come together to form a symbiotic relationship. Japanese wabi-sabi is an aesthetic concept which values the beauty of imperfect, incomplete, and impermanent objects. Add to this the Scandinavian hygge, a Norwegian and Danish term to reflect a cozy and comfortable interior. This fusion represents not only an aesthetic quality but a philosophy of life. A philosophy that cultivates calm, serenity, and well-being in an authentic, pleasant, and zen decor. The purpose of Japandi is to create a peaceful, warm, and functional environment. 

Let nature lead the way 

At the very heart of Japandi lies a minimalistic approach that welcomes nature into your space. The style puts forward the combination of raw materials such as wood and stone to offer maximum charm and character. All fine materials are welcome. This also includes natural fibres such as rattan, wicker, and bamboo. Do not hold back on long grasses, fine branches bursting with buds or elegant floral stems that subtly accentuate the other natural elements in your space, underscoring the beautiful Japanese flora. Be sure to also add a variety of cozy fabrics. The idea is to create a peaceful and warm environment.

Go for deep colours 

The Japandi style centers around simplicity. The colour palette on which it is based is no exception. If you find that white, pink and beige hues lack character, pair them with deeper tones, such as anthracite greys, elegant taupes, dark blues, and earthy browns. Merging soft and deep colours with natural materials will transform your space into a peaceful indoor haven. 

Spotlight on Japandi

Lighting is an excellent way to integrate the Japandi style at home. The lighting industry is chalk full of innovative designs that feature this trend. We highlight the bold combination of light wood and black accents to achieve the desired Scandinavian aesthetic. We also appreciate the oriental quality found in bamboo, rattan, hemp, and paper. 


The refined design of the CAMACHO pendant complements the Scandinavian hygge ideology perfectly. Light wood paired with black denotes the contrast emphasized in Japanese wabi-sabi. A distinctive light fixture will enhance the natural elements in your Japandi decor.


The elegant STIX floor lamp blends particularly well with the refined characteristics of the Japandi style. The twisted structure is made with black cane sticks. The oriental look of this fixture will play a key role in your zen ambience.


With its natural rattan shade, our BAHAMA pendant is a perfect match for the Japandi aesthetic. Integrate it into your kitchen or even above your living room side table. It will undoubtedly become the focal point and will blend effortlessly with the other natural elements in your space.


Tips and tricks

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