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Trend 2020 : Lighting

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Trend 2020 : Lighting

Trend 2020 : Lighting

Attractive lighting, up to date

Lighting is key if you want an outstanding interior decor. Adjust the mood of your home according to the lighting fixtures you choose. The year 2020 will focus on the vintage, mid-century and modern styles, accommodating a wide range of tastes. We are well aware that lighting should reflect the functions of every room in the house, but there’s no denying that the craze often revolves around lighting fixtures for the kitchen and the dining room. We therefore share with you ten pendants showcasing the three major trends taking shape for 2020. 


The sleek modern look is in full swing. Matte black is becoming increasingly popular in our decor and light fixtures are no exception. This pendant offers practical and original lighting thanks to the LED layout pointing up and down. It is perfect over the island as well as in the dining room and its lighting effect is quite appealing.


Discretion makes way for extravagance. Choose attractive fixtures, making them the focal point of the room. Pendants with multiple tubes are very popular. Their simplicity is in perfect harmony with their rather bulky look. The cables are adjustable for a customized look.

Mingle LED

Retro-style fixtures are popular. We are increasingly drawn to the idea of multi-functional lighting with two sources of brightness. The blend of rudimentary and mid-century styles is quite appealing and suits different decors. This type of lighting suits almost any room in the house. 


Lightings with organic forms are always trendy. They are becoming an integral part of our home, slowly but surely. They are often associated with the modern style, but they also match contemporary decors effortlessly. The layout of their sleek lines is inspired by biochemistry principles and is undoubtedly quite appealing.


Functional and stylish, contemporary lighting is very popular. Sleek but friendly, we never get tired of it! It can survive new trends as its neutrality makes it very versatile. Today's contemporary fixtures will be tomorrow's retro fixtures, still retaining their own signature. 


The mid-century style is booming in the lighting industry world. Very popular in the 50s and 60s, it is reinventing itself today with simpler and sleeker lines while maintaining its nostalgic aspect. This style fits easily into a contemporary decor without necessarily falling into a retro context. 


The retro chic chandelier is popular once more and its integration adds personality to our decors. We love the contrast in this avant-garde and simple style. This revamped trend is here to stay and will be the absolute star in the coming seasons. It is particularly popular with its original shade-- brass.


Spiral lights are popular this year and this trend is showing no indication of disappearing any time soon. Once more, geometry is in the spotlight. We have a soft spot for pendants with multiple light sources offering efficient and decorative lighting. The black finish with golden speckles is popular and blends perfectly with several colours for optimal contrast. 


Scandinavian influences have been in the limelight in recent years. Light fixtures with sleek lines are always fashionable and bring a certain lightness to our decors. There is often a very attractive geometric design. This type of lighting is the easiest to add to an existing decorative theme since it is neutral and devoid of frills.

Lake Loft

The industrial vintage look highlights the use of metal, with neutral and worn-out finishes. This kind of lighting is inspired by typical factory or warehouse decors and is influenced by early concepts from this century. In 2020, it takes on a more urban version, highlighting the linear and minimalist aspect.


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