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Multi lighting smart home

What is a Smart Home?

It’s a home that uses Internet-connected devices to monitor and manage devices and systems such as lighting, heating and blinds remotely. The smart home will enhance the safety, efficiency and convenience of your everyday life in the short and long term. Multiple features and scenarios are set according to your habits, through your smartphone, tablet or remote control, to suit your whims and fancies. No need for specialists to program this type of installation. The intelligent system is also known as home automation and is easy to organize and also to adjust if need be.

Smart Home Uses and Features - A Few Examples

Leaving the House / Coming Back to the House

Program your lights to come off when you leave the house or to come on as soon as you arrive, according to your liking. With just one click, you can switch off all the lights in your home. 

Products included in this scene

  • Dimmer Designer style


  • Adjust my Lights for the Night

    At the entrance of the room, you can choose to turn off all light sources in the house, except for the bathroom and the bedroom. From your bedside table, you can turn off the bedroom lights while lying comfortably in bed.

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    Pico remote control (2)
    Caséta dimmer (2)
    Single and double decorative switch plate

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    Products included in this scene

  • Dimmer Designer style

  • Dimmer Designer style


  • Adapt my Lighting to my Activity

    Create scenarios in every area of your home to adapt the atmosphere of the common area to the ongoing activity.

    • Lutron Application

    I Need a Switch in a Spot Where There is None.

    Easily add a switch to a specific spot or access your lighting system.

    Single decorative switch plate

    Close/open my blinds on a time slot 

    Program the opening of my smart blinds when I wake up and the closing at bedtime. Manage the closing when it's 25 degrees or more.

    • Serena blinds
    • Lutron application
    Pico remote control

    Usefulness of Smart Devices 

    • Program all lights to switch off when you leave the house, or to switch on once you’re back.
    • Deter trespassing when you are away by choosing lighting for certain rooms which reflect your habits.
    • Close the blinds during a specific time slot, based on the temperature.
    • Add a switch to a specific spot or access your lighting system from the comfort of your couch or bed.
    • Adjust your thermostat according to the occupancy hours.
    • Create scenarios in each area of your home to adapt the mood to the ongoing activity.

    Our Range of Multi Luminaire Smart Products 

    Discover a complete range of smart products that will connect your home using environmentally friendly technology. 


    This smart dimmer can replace any traditional dimmer and switch. It has a maximum load of 600W for incandescent or halogen bulbs and a 150W load for LED. It is scalable as it will suit future modernization plans as well as new constructions. This dimmer is unipolar-- it has no polarity for line or load wiring, making installation easier. It is compatible with PICO remote controls and works with the Lutron App through a smart bridge hub. A patented technology allows the waves to go beyond the walls for even more possibilities! 

    Lamp Dimmer

    This switch controls the intensity and the turning on and off of your plug-in lights. It has a maximum load of 300W for incandescent or halogen bulbs and a 100W load for LED. Simply plug it in a standard outlet. Connect up to two tables and/or floor lamps using your smartphone or manage your accent lighting with the PICO remote control which is included. Tune your lighting moods to your desires and program them so that they synchronize, based on your activities. A smart bridge will be required to be handled via your phone. 

    Pico Controller

    It is compatible with Caséta dimmers, switches and blinds. The Pico remote control allows you to easily add a switch anywhere you need. You can use it via a pedestal, the car’s sun visor or fastened to a wall. The PICO remote control is a practical and effective solution designed to control your smart system with your fingertips. It is discreet, decorative and has a battery life of 10 years. It works within a 9.1-meter range (30 feet), and its waves cross walls easily to get to your devices without interfering with other systems. It can be easily expanded-- you can add other PICO remote controls to your smart system in the future. It has five buttons, including up / down, on and off. Smart autonomy is now at your fingertips!


    Remote controls can sometimes be problematic as we are constantly looking for them. A range of pedestals is at your disposal to store them in one place. Practical and decorative, the pedestal can be placed on the bedside table to control your lights without leaving the comfort of your bed. You can also fasten your pedestal to the kitchen countertop to manipulate your PICO remote and control the appropriate scenarios depending on the activity, such as dimming the lights at mealtime or activating the fan on mornings where the heat exceeds 20 degrees. In order to adapt to different scenarios, it is available in single, double, triple and quadruple occupancy. 

    Smart Bridge

    This smart bridge is the key to a WiFi connection and to manage the application. It is simple to configure and easy to use. It features Clear Connect technology that does not interfere nor compete with other WiFi-connected devices. This bridge supports up to 50 Caséta products to allow you to customize your home and expand the possibilities at your own pace. You will have no problem installing it. Just plug it into a wall outlet and connect it to your router! 

    Wireless Thermostat

    Control comfort at home from anywhere with the Lutron app. The smart thermostat has multiple functions that will meet your needs. It works with a WiFi-connected network. The Lutron thermostat allows you to adjust your heating and cooling systems from your mobile device and to program scenarios based on your habits, thus saving considerable energy. It has a smart memory so in case of power failure, the wireless thermostat retains its programming to restore power.

    Serena Blinds

    Serena's smart blinds offer beauty, luxury and quality at an affordable price. The Serena range offers a wide array of fabric colours and textures for complete design customization. These ultra-quiet window coverings are set up and operate wirelessly and offer unparalleled battery performance. At the push of a button, Serena blinds work in perfect harmony and can be controlled using the Lutron app, Smart Bridge and the Pico remote. You can find them at our participating branches. *

    WiFi LED Bulbs

  • LED Light bulb A19 rgbcct

    $14.00 Sale $21.00 Save : $7.00 (34 %)
  • Create custom moods with the DALS app. These LED smart bulbs have a fabulous finish. With the RGB bulb, illuminate your daily life by creating colourful scenarios based on areas of your home or the ongoing activity. With the DALS app, you can play with the intensity, the colour of the LED (RGB) and you can create groups by setting schedules based on your occupations. The connection is available via your WiFi network.

    WiFi LED tape

    Get the best technology with the smart LED strip. You can install it easily under kitchen counters, under furniture or behind the TV for a modern and appealing touch. From your phone, you will have complete control of your WiFi strip. Change the colours, synchronize it to the music, create groups or schedules according to your convenience! It comes with a simple and complete installation kit. With its complete colour spectrum, the finish is exquisite. It is available in one-, three- or five-metre lengths. 

    Recessed WiFi

  • Recessed Light Rgb cct 4"

    $44.00 Sale $75.00 Save : $31.00 (42 %)
  • These smart recessed lightings display a kaleidoscope of bright colours (RGB) and pure, adjustable white light. Its WiFi lights have revolutionized house lighting and create the right atmosphere for your current activities. Simply log in to the DALS app, wherever you are, to activate the scenario that's right for you. These recessed lights blend in any room of the house and can be controlled via your smartphone or voice command via Alexa or Google Assistant.

    RGB WiFi Ceiling Light

  • Flush mount Intelligent cct rgb

  • Its ultra-thin design is discreet, efficient and decorative. This flush mount is suitable for any corner of the house and its modern look add a nice decorative touch. It has a full-colour spectrum and the lighting is homogeneous, clear and can always be programmed via the DALS application. With your fingertips, create the atmosphere adapted to your schedule, activity or simply according to your mood! Its built-in 15W LED is powerful and remote access makes it compatible with your WiFi network. The voice command is recognized by Alexa and Google Assistant.

    Lutron Compatibilities

    Caséta wireless technology works with many intelligent residential products and services.
    * Apple HomeKit technology provides a onvenient way to control your lights and blinds with Siri from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
    * In addition to your lights and blinds, add temperature control into your system. Check and adjust the temperature from anywhere with the Lutron app and Lutron and Nest Learning wireless thermostats as well as Honeywell thermostats.
    * Dim the lights, draw the blinds and start a movie with a button from the Logitech Harmony home port remotes or the Harmony app.
    * Using IFTTT, create scenarios like "in this situation, this has to be done" such as pulling the blinds if the sun goes down or turn off the lights if the Nest Learning Thermostat is set to "Away" mode (outside the house).
    * Wireless Caséta works with XFINITY Home. Control your lights from anywhere with the free XFINITY Home app.
    * No need to get up to switch on the light, adjust the heating or close the blinds. Your smart home now responds to your voice through Google Assistant or Alexa. 
    * Note: You will need to add the Smart Bridge or Smart Bridge PRO Smart Bridge to your smart system.

    DALS Compatibilities

    DALS technology works with a WiFi connection and its application is available on iOS and Android platforms.
    * Compatible with Google Assistant.
    * Compatible with Amazon Alexa.

    The Three Main Incentives

    The connected house uses technology to secure and facilitate the daily life of its occupants. The incentives to integrate the "Internet of things" into your home are safety, efficiency and convenience.

    Smart Safety 

    You can program scenarios to reproduce your habits when you are away from home for a while to deter criminals from entering your property. You plan your system so that it turns on certain lights between 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.
    Do you usually open the living-room blind when you arrive? Program it so that it opens at 6:00 p.m. and closes at 11:00 p.m. And why not synchronize the fan in the same room to reinforce the idea? These tips are simple and can avoid a lot of hassle.
    Home automation is important in enabling intelligent security systems management: lock and unlock the door, alarms, cameras, smoke and water detectors and will take the necessary action to prevent the problem. For instance, if it detects an intrusion, the fixtures will flash to scare off trespassers.

    Intelligent Efficiency

    Another aspect to consider is the energy control via your smartphone, tablet or remote-connected to your WiFi network. During winter, you can easily program your heating to reduce the temperature during working hours, then increase it 30 minutes before your arrival. This scenario will significantly reduce your winter usage costs. 
    We’ve all at least once wondered: did I switch off the lights before leaving home this morning? Did I switch off the fan in the room? Well, note that you can deal with these small concerns with your smartphone. With the system app, you can shut down sources that you think are on unnecessarily to save a maximum of electricity. 
    Say your kitchen faces the sun fully; there is a heatwave and the hot rays weigh on the window. You left quickly that morning and forgot to close the patio door curtain. From the office, close the curtains using your smart system with your app. 

    Smart Convenience

    Why not get rid of unnecessary hassles and opt for a simpler daily life? Once we try the smart home, we wonder how we managed to live all this time without it! Wireless products, easy installation and really affordable. Maximize the comfort of your home and customize smart features to your needs.  
    We have unpredictable weather and we experience four climate series a year. Program the thermostats according to the seasons to avoid oversight. 
    A romantic dinner? Adjust the lighting according to the atmosphere you want to create in no time at all thanks to your application or your PICO remote control!
    We have all experienced this predicament: you arrive home, it is dark and after searching for your keys for 1 minute, you finally get in. With your hands full of grocery bags, you tap the wall to find the switch to turn on the lights. Why not program the exterior and entrance lights to turn on at 6:00 p.m.? You can also manage this scenario via your PICO remote control attached to the sun visor of the car. With home automation, you can now unlock the door to avoid wasting time searching for your keys.
    You are comfortably lying in your bed, but you forgot to close the curtains on the first floor. Grab your smartphone or PICO remote control on the bedside table and program your system to draw the curtains without interrupting your relaxation time. These scenarios can also be controlled through a voice command via Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri.

    Need Advice?

    Come and meet our sales representatives who will guide you throughout your project. You will also have access to our smart section, which will enlighten you. You will find smart objects and with the array of scenarios, you will be able to choose the smart home that best suits your needs.