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Decorative elements

Don’t neglect essential decorative elements to complement your décor. The latest trends point to a resurgence in decorative elements that feature geometric patterns.

Carpets with variegated patterns are making a comeback

2018’s stand-out carpets will feature black and white patterns. Whether these patterns are linear or geometrically complex, they’ll fit in with most styles, from very eclectic to modern. Diamond-patterned carpets will be popular and set the tone thanks to their ethnic chic essence.

Striped carpets can make a room look longer, depending on how they are positioned and what direction the lines run in. Therefore, they can be very handy in smaller rooms.

Designer vases and pottery

For 2018, pottery objects take centre stage. You’ll even find linear themes on flatware sets. In particular, look out for hand-painted lines, which are emblematic of the ethnic chic trend peaking in the coming year. Whether it’s on vases, flatware or vases, this simple motif shows off its timeless appeal and will be sure to draw all eyes to your wonderful decorative elements!

Visit our Decoration Ideas section to discover decorative objects that will be trending in 2018.

Trends in furniture

Tattoo-inspired prints

The passion for tattoo-inspired graphics is gradually being incorporated into the design of armchairs, cushions and footrests. This trendy signature look lends an original, designer touch to your furniture. Have fun mixing and matching them with the rest of your furnishings, and add a funky and eclectic touch to your décor.

Those who like the concept but prefer more discreet graphics can find the same items with more refined, discreet designs that cover less of the surface area of a given armchair, footrest or decorative cushion. The most popular motifs are flowers, animals and insects.

Velvet resurfaces once again

When it comes to sofas, footrests, side chairs and armchairs, keep four words in mind: round, velvet, soft and colour. Velvet looks particularly sublime in garnet red, khaki, mustard yellow and cobalt blue. And, naturally, all of these colours feature prominently in 2018’s palette! The new rounded look of velvet sofas boasts softened angles for a more cocooning feel.

Glamorous and chic, velvet can be integrated into any décor easily and seamlessly.

A touch of brass

Brass has forged a place for itself once again in modern décors and is often used in a low-key way as an accent. It’s a very popular material used for furniture feet and contours, small objects or decorative touches. Brass fits in perfectly with the glamorous, chic era 2018 is ringing in. Brass also comes in a darker shade, characterized by a more matte appearance, called antique brass that is just as sought after.

Discover brass fixtures to put the finishing touch on your glamorous, chic décor.


While Scandinavian-inspired living room furniture has become more and more popular in recent years, wicker and rattan will be the real hits in 2018! These natural materials integrate well with ethnic chic, traditional, farmhouse, chic chi and shabby chic décors. In the past, wicker and rattan were reserved for outdoor furniture. But, in 2018, the Swedish trend swings by again from another angle. Most colours pair well with wicker and natural rattan. However, avoid beige, so your room doesn’t look monotonous and bland because of too much tone-on-tone.

Get ready to discover a host of furnishings made of wicker and rattan.

Wall shelf

Another Swedish trend is gaining momentum: the wall shelf. Since it has no backing and is made up only of shelves and a frame, it doesn’t clutter up valuable space. Consider it a valuable ally when it comes to storing or displaying your most beautiful decorative objects. It can also serve as a room divider and separator, without creating a solid wall that interrupts a room’s flow. Wall shelves are available in a variety of styles and colours that will match your home’s interior design. 


Those who love lounging in a cozy atmosphere will adore this small piece of furniture that integrates perfectly with any cocooning concept! It comes in a variety of colours to blend in with or highlight any decor.

Seen in a new light: Fashionably covered in trendy velvet, it looks especially sharp! If this footrest wasn’t already alluring enough on its own, its velvet upholstery lends a soft, silky appearance that invites you to snuggle up and get comfortable.

A thick woollen footrest is just as appealing and inspires relaxation while also brightening up your décor!

Arrange them around your living room or bedroom to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation.