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Light fixture trends for 2018

Wood light fixtures

Wood is still very popular for many applications in the interior design world. Wood works particularly well when used in light fixtures, for example. This natural element integrates perfectly with contemporary, rustic and industrial concepts. Many types of wood light fixtures are on offer, so you have a plethora of choices available to you. Manufacturers have focused on this style in recent years, and innovation continues apace, so you’re sure to find attractive wood light fixtures in all shapes and sizes. These fixtures are durable and stand the test of time because they’re designed with high-quality wood that’s been treated for the specific use for which it’s designed.

AC11052 BU of Arberdeen Collection by Artcraft

Geometric light fixtures

These unique fixtures proudly show off their shapes, which call to mind familiar geometric forms such as squares, diamonds, triangles and circles. They’re very popular in modern and eclectic décors. However, given the broad variations in styles, they are equally suitable for more contemporary and industrial décors. It should be noted that geometric designs are timeless and won’t go out of style. These light fixtures have been very popular for the past three years, and the trend is set to continue in 2018! Find geometric light fixtures in many shapes and colours that will suit most tastes.

D2735 of Box Cluster Collection by Elk

Industrial-style light fixtures

The industrial style derives from a blend of the old and the new and is inspired by typical factory or warehouse décor. In recent years, light fixtures with bare bulbs have become more and more popular. They have an attractive, minimalist look that features clean lines and raw materials and is devoid of unnecessary details. Industrial-style light fixtures are generally made of rustic wood, steel, brass and copper. Their subtle raw appearance blends in with the rest of the décor while also lending a touch of originality, without stealing the show. These light fixtures are ideally suited for lofts and vintage interiors, but you’ll see them popping up in most types of décors. Industrial-style light fixtures work especially well with concrete, brick and barn wood.

F3159/6 of Lennex Collection by Murray Feiss

Wicker light fixtures

For a very long time, wicker has been associated with outdoor furniture. Since the appearance of ethnic chic, farmhouse, chic chi and shabby chic styles, however, wicker has a whole new lease on life. It’s now featured in indoor furniture. It became so popular that manufacturers have developed a variety of other wicker products, such as furniture, but also light fixtures. It’s a trend that hasn’t gone unnoticed. The latest décor trend for 2018 is pendant wicker light fixtures with charming natural, neutral and romantic aspects derived from raw materials that inspire simplicity. Any paint colour will highlight wicker’s features, but avoid using beiges that are too similar to the colour of the wicker on your walls if you’ve installed a wicker light fixture to avoid the monotony of tone-on-tone.

49809 OZNW of Palisades Collection by Kichler

Copper and brass light fixtures

The copper and brass trend is back! Time to leverage the rich reflections of these metal accents to brighten up your décor! Often associated with traditional, even bourgeois, interior designs, copper and brass are now used in much more modern and contemporary interiors. The metallic shades of copper and brass light fixtures will add a dash of sparkle to a room thanks to their reflective, mirroring properties.

Copper and brass’ rich, warm colours will lend a special cachet to your lighting scheme. What’s unique with brass and copper light fixtures is that they not only highlight the colour of the walls, they also shine a spotlight on themselves.

Copper product: 30015 029 of Windsor Collection by Eurofase

Brass product: JA 14012 GD of Etobicoke by Artcraft

3D wallpaper

3D wallpaper leapt onto the scene in 2017’s trendiest, most avant-garde interiors. It comes in an array of attractive and colourful combinations to brighten up a room’s wall decoration and create an interesting play of textures. Install it on an entire wall or more sparingly, according to the effect you’re looking for.

It will create an eye-catching illusion of depth and liven up your decor. This trend is a Parisian influence set to continue in 2018. 3D wallpaper integrates perfectly with eclectic and modern styles, but it can also suit more contemporary styles, depending on the pattern and colour chosen. Let your imagination be your guide!

Ethnic chic

This trendy style is defined by its natural materials, warm earthy colours, handcrafted objects, recycling aficionados and travel souvenirs. The ethnic chic style exudes an exotic and chic allure, where mastering harmony is de rigueur. It inspires us to collect and proudly display authentic, highly personal treasures brought back from getaways around the world.

Focus on natural and neutral colours for fabrics and all materials. Raw wood, bamboo and braided wicker are integral to this decorative style. Carpets and woven tapestries with geometric motifs fit in perfectly with any ethnic décor.

To create a cozy atmosphere, choose Berber or kilim-inspired carpets, but stick with neutral hues.

Ethnic chic sofas feature soft throw cushions covered in plaid linen that create a relaxing, cozy setting.

Hang woven tapestries on the walls and include small baskets, a braided rattan mirror, a screen, crafts found at flea markets and raw wood furniture as part of your ethnic chic décor. Together, these elements make for a truly artful lifestyle!