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Your online lighting store
in Vancouver

Multi Lighting: passion and innovation combined since 1978. Add a dollop of detail and a few carefully

selected manufacturers and you have the widest range possible of

online lighting.

We have always helped create your ambiance. Today more that 17,000 products deliverable anywhere in

Canada are at your fingertips, as is customized advice to guide you toward your favorite products.

Multi Lighting Vancouver: we’re brimming with ideas

Classic or original lighting solutions

Thousands of combinations for a unique result

A trendy or timeless brand

Create your own environment


In store and online currently


Our inspiration selection: standardize or stand out

Browse the inspiration section to discover concepts containing a variety of styles.

It’s your choice : Standardize or stand out? Let your whims guide you and create environments

that go beyond the ordinary.

Discover our styles : transitional, contemporary, modern, traditional, industrial

Browse by room : shower room or bathroom, common areas, living room, dinning room, kitchen and more

Change your decor!
Ensemble de luminaires, salon illuminé et lampe de chevet Ensemble de luminaires, salon illuminé et lampe de chevet

Special offers, discounts and thousands of lighting ideas

Find tons of lighting ideas by choosing various arrangements for ceiling lights, wall lights, hanging lights,

standard lamps and table lamps. Browse our online catalogue of special offers and amaze your guests

by making your lighting the focal point of your main rooms.

Advice you can count on

Would you prefer to chat online with our virtual adviser or speak to one directly?

We are here to listen to you and to answer your questions. We can even help you as you

purchase lighting online.

Secure transaction and fast delivery

Delivery anywhere in Canada

Free delivery on online purchases over $100.

Same-day delivery of your order*

*on our products in stock.

Now that Multi Lighting is online in Vancouver, dare to choose your own style

The importance of a green economy in Vancouver is being heard around the world. Many environmental

groups choose to live in the region. Technology and clean energy, including ecological buildings, have

taken root and are growing rapidly. Are you environmentally responsible too? Choose natural and noble

materials by trusting the best online lighting website.

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