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15 inspiring novelties from Uttermost

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15 inspiring novelties from Uttermost

15 inspiring novelties from Uttermost

Trendy and timeless!

Lighting fixtures are key to an attractive style or to revamp your decor. Uttermost is a leader in lighting and offers lighting fixtures that have earned pride of place in the industry. Their signature features authenticity, quality and attention to detail throughout their wide range of products. Uttermost is always up to date with evolving trends and its timeless lighting designs will never be passé. We especially fell for 15 of their novelties! The three major styles that emerge are the contemporary, the rustic and the transitional.

The contemporary trend

Uttermost makes brilliant use of the contemporary style. Classic methods still have their place-- there are also lighting fixtures with unique characteristics, creating an attractive connection between current and traditional trends. The current craze centres around a medley of styles and those lighting products that add a magic touch to our home decor have definitely won us over. If you want functional lighting fixtures with the current alloy and are not fond of decorations, the contemporary style is for you. Even if your decor is already set, this type of lighting fixture is easy to integrate and will always be fashionable.

This sleek pendant is visually catchy and is reminiscent of an overturned basket. Its oil-treated bronze finish and subtle antique brass accents provide an elegant contrast of shades. This lighting fixture will definitely add character to your kitchen.

Chandelier GRADER


Fan of originality? You will fall for this spiral pendant in brushed nickel. Halfway between the contemporary style and the modern style, it will add originality to your space. Versatile, it can suit several areas of the house.



This brushed satin nickel pendant offers decorative lighting thanks to its brightness that spreads through the pierced lampshade. The jagged edges provide an imperfect and stylish look. This is the perfect lighting for the island or above the kitchen sink.



This black sandblasted chandelier contrasts well with antique brass accents. Its sleek beam-like structure is perfect for a rectangular dining room table. It will add a chic contemporary touch and will be the focal point of the room.

Chandelier JARSDEL


Dome lighting fixtures have been popular for many years. With its hammered metal and a sandblasted black finish, this pendant breathes new life into the usual classic designs. Alone or in pairs, it will add character to your dining room.

Chandelier RAYNOTT


The rustic trend

Uttermost takes us back to our roots with its rustic novelties that charm us with their authenticity. There are lighting fixtures with well defined signature and characteristics. Designed with high quality raw materials, these lighting fixtures are reminiscent of the methods used in the past, creating an eye-catching contrast between classic and contemporary trends. The design of these lighting fixtures draws inspiration from the warm atmosphere of country houses and chalets, with their natural materials and neutral tones. This type of lighting fixture blends easily in any decor and will add a rustic and refined touch.

This rustic pendant consists of an aged wood alloy with an antique embedded colour and a textured metal finish. Its subtle structure adds chic and lightness. Its transparent granulated glasses add a nice modern touch.

Chandelier PEARSALL


This mini pendant is decorated with a textured metal finish and aged wood with a medium walnut hue. The sleek structure and granulated clear glass set the tone for the contemporary and rustic style. It is perfect for the island and above the kitchen sink.



This mini pendant with polished black metal and a bronze finish create a rusty effect to accentuate the old-fashioned look. The authentic block of wood in the centre emphasizes the raw look of the lighting fixture for a more pronounced rustic setting.

Pendant ATWOOD


This French inspired chandelier consists of a natural oak ring and a bronze metal structure. This rustic lighting texture suits styles that focus on classic and simple elements. It will undoubtedly be the focal point of the room.

Chandelier DUBOIS


This wall sconce is an amalgam of wood and dark bronze iron. The iron has been carefully altered to optimize the antique shade. It can easily suit the bathroom, bedroom and living room. This lighting fixture will add a beautiful decorative element to your wall.

Wall sconce ATWOOD


The transitional trend

This style is in full swing in the lighting industry and Uttermost has distinguished itself with an innovating selection of revamped transitional products. This trend features a medley of traditional characteristics and current styles. This appealing combination creates lighting fixtures with a contrasting design from different eras while creating a connection between past and present. The transitional style is visually soothing, comforting and timeless. It is often associated with bronze, brass and chrome finishes. There are customary as well as modern characteristics and it favours sleek lines throughout the structure.

The geometric setting of this chandelier adds a contemporary touch to the candlestick concept. The matte black structure and polished nickel provide an attractive and elegant contrast. Its sleek look will undoubtedly liven up the atmosphere of your kitchen.

Chandelier SAGARD


This mini pendant provides an eye-catching transition between the traditional style and the contemporary style. The antique brass finish and the polished glass give a unique look and will add an original touch over the island or kitchen sink.



The sophistication of this chandelier is reminiscent of the old woodworking techniques, but the deep black and the sleek look take us back to more modern methods. This chandelier will suit both a contemporary dining room and a transitional one.

Chandelier RANDERS


This transitional wall sconce will add a nice decorative touch to your walls. Featuring a textured black finish, brushed nickel accents and a rectangular granulated glass, it can merge with the other elements in your living room, bathroom or bedroom.

Wall sconce HUMBOLDT


Decorated with a black marble ball, this transitional pendant in oxidized brass will add chic to your kitchen. Its solid round glass is inspired by the mid-century trend that has been very popular in the industry for several seasons.



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