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Color trends 2020

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Color trends 2020

Color trends 2020

2020 looks great in color!

Colours are always at the centre of ever-changing trends. Most of the hues of the last two years have been so popular that they remain in the race for 2020. They are a little more nuanced for added modernism. The colours are in keeping with the trend, so no need to rethink your entire decor! The new subtleties in the colour palette will add warmth, softness and comfort.
Discover the 8 shades that will stand out in 2020.

Blue, here to stay

Blue is back on track and will be the flagship colour of 2020. It has been popular in various shades during the last few years, and it is still surprising us with new, more attractive tones. It could very well appear in pastel version, in keeping with the felt hue trend. Blue is undeniably a favourite colour in decoration. It is timeless, making it a good choice for a long-term decor. In short, we will still be fashionable if we choose blue. It stands out, painted on walls and furniture of all kinds. Blue blends with beige and tan browns. It stands out when paired with burgundy reds and dark woods. It definitely adds chic to everything around. For a more modern look, you can pair it with touches of white or black.

Gray-- timeless

Gray is omnipresent and will still be there in 2020. The range of hues continues to change, in keeping with evolving trends. Gray stands out thanks to its neutral character and deep shades. It makes a fresh comeback with medium and more neutral tones, devoid of yellow or blue hues. It blends perfectly with natural colours and whitewashed pastels. Gray looks warm and welcoming when paired with wood. Whitewashed gray will be in the spotlight this year for optimal modernity and softness. The advantage of this shade is that it can be paired with absolutely anything. Gray offers a contrasting effect, highlighting the range of colours it is paired with. When we choose gray, whether dark or light, our decor will remain fashionable longer.

The new brown

Brown 2.0, with orange touches in all of its colour, is here. It can also be broken down into shiny chestnut and terracotta. It will be paired more frequently with dark yellow and burgundy red for a warmer decor. One cannot help but give in to the beauty of raw and earthy colours. Pair brown with materials like leather, wrought iron and wood. As an accent colour, you can use it with light walls and greens to create a plant universe. With brown, woven baskets, macramé wall weavings and sandstone carpets will add a warm and authentic traditional touch that evokes far-off destinations. Drawn from a palette of natural colours, this type of brown promotes natural tones with essential materials.

Felt green

Green reinvents itself over the years in order to adapt to emerging trends. The current shades are much more elegant, but still retain their nature-related style. With green being associated with the plant universe, it is a colour that bolsters relaxation and well-being while exuding a refreshing effect. It can be used on walls, furniture, decorative objects... The possibilities are endless! We like to use plants into our decor as there is a growing demand for greenery. Green blends perfectly with organic materials such as rattan, wood, ceramics, terracotta, etc. With these materials in fashion, green’s popularity has skyrocketed within a few seasons. It is so much more than a colour; it is a way of life. If you want a stimulating and timeless atmosphere, green is an excellent choice. 

Pink-- we love!

Millennial pink-- thus named because of the Instagram-craze it created-- refuses to budge. If you have fallen for pinkish hues in the last two years, you'll be thrilled to learn that they are still in fashion. Pink will be among those colours which will remain in the spotlight in 2020. Whether painted on the walls or in accent colour, pink remains a safe bet and adds a touch of elegance and softness. Enhanced by the softness of the materials, the ottoman, the sofa and the pink decorative cushions are quite eye-catching. We love its powdery, nude or dark tones, but its poetic aura makes pastel pink stand out. Gray, green or dense blue blend seamlessly with this colour. If you want to go funky, choose mustard yellow.

Red bordeaux 

Red is associated with vigour and warmth. It enjoys the spotlight among current trends and will also be popular in 2020. Red has the ability to enhance any decor. This year, it has darker hues-- spicy or orangey eggplant. It will turn heads, especially paired with pink, yellow, green or deep blue. It will also be contrasted with camel and rust colours for added warmth and a mood full of character. Red can be used on furniture, accent objects or painted on walls. It suits any room in the house perfectly. When it comes to textiles, red can also look amazing. Its sophisticated style will always be in fashion.

Intense black

Black adds a sophisticated touch and highlights metals, bright colours and neutral tones. It is used as a main or accent colour. Black is undeniably quite impactful in any decor. It has shed the baroque aspect formerly associated to it. On the contrary! Black is very trendy and the craze for it is far from being over. It is the ultimate backdrop for any object that one wants to highlight. Black merges seamlessly into kitchens and bathroom decors, accompanied by shades of wood and gold. It has a powerful effect in decors and is quite popular in modern design. For a more vibrant black, touches of warm yellow and gold, red, pink, green and all pastel shades are added. The palette is extensive enough to suit your desires. Beautiful results in sight! 

Invigorating yellow

Yellow gradually became tame and has established itself slowly but surely over the past few seasons. This year, it has a particularly warm shade to it, drawing on mustard and ochre. It is already quite in demand as an accent colour, but this year, it is quite popular on walls as well as on furniture. If you like colours with stronger tones, yellow is perfect for you! This shade always adds a good dose of energy and brightens the atmosphere. For added style, it is paired with pinks, vivid greens and blues for a funky and trendy contrast. Yellow can be paired with white or gray in order to neutralize its imposing presence. Pair it with terracotta for an exotic decor, filled with warmth and personality. On the nuance side, pastel yellow will be in the spotlight next spring.


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