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Plan your renovations : The lighting planning

Published on : 2020 - 01 - 29

Multi  Luminaire

Multi Luminaire

Multi Luminaire
Plan your renovations : The lighting planning

Plan your renovations : The lighting planning

The importance of planning

Are you planning to renovate your home to ensure a good return on investment when you resell or simply to keep your rooms updated? Then you’re sure to find a great deal of useful information in our room-specific electricity and lighting planning guide.

Set your budget

Renovations can be a nightmare. The key to success is making sure you have a well-laid-out plan for your project! With such a plan in hand, you’ll avoid stress, meet your budget and forestall unpleasant surprises. In this guide, we outline the steps to follow for hassle-free renovations.
First, make a list of your needs for the room you want to renovate. Remember to consider the needs of family members who use the room, and don’t be seduced by interior décor choices that may cramp your lifestyle.
Next, set up a budget early in the planning stage, so you can make informed choices regarding materials and decorative items.

Validate before buying

When you’re out shopping, take all the time you need. Don’t decide anything on a whim. Ask specialists as many questions as possible, so you have all the data you need in hand. For lighting products, ask a specialist to provide specifications for each product before you buy. That way, you can check whether the fixtures you’re interested in are appropriate for your room. You can also determine how many light fixtures your project requires.
Finally, it’s important to retain the services of quality professionals to perform work in your home. Avoid hiring unqualified people on the pretext they will cost you less. In reality, an error can be very costly to repair.

Lighting plan

Drawing up a lighting plan is an important element in your home’s renovation that lets you forecast your electricity needs (the amount of light and type of product required) as well as check whether work is required to bring existing electrical infrastructures up to standard. You can also position all the electrical elements and devices such as outlets, switches, electrical wiring and even heating on this plan. The electrical plan will help your electrician properly position your devices when performing electrical work.
You don’t have to be an expert draughtsperson or technician to draw your plan. Simply think about what your needs are based on the room’s layout and the type of activity that occurs there.
By drawing up a lighting plan, you’ll avoid mistakes and effectively leverage the various types of lighting available.

Electrical circuits

An electrical circuit is a path along which electrical current moves. In homes, circuits are created by connecting a light fixture’s electrical box to a switch and a power outlet. More than one switch or light fixture can be on the same circuit. When drawing up your lighting plan, you’ll need to determine how many circuits you need in your room. To ensure the ideal, most functional lighting for your room, plan to have more than one lighting zone so that you can turn on lighting in one zone only or in many zones simultaneously. For example, if you want to relax in your bathtub, turn on the light fixture near the tub only. Conversely, if you want to apply makeup or shave in your bathroom, turn on the light above your sink as well as the centrally located one that provides general lighting.
Some circuits must have a single outlet or electrical box. For example, the refrigerator, water heater, microwave, stove, central vacuum and washer/dryer must have a dedicated circuit.

Some electrical circuits are linked to a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet to protect you from electric shocks. GFCI outlets should be installed in damp locations such as the kitchen and bathroom.


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