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Adapted light fixtures for each area of the outdoor courtyard

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Products tailored for each area of your yard:

1. Landscape enclosure:

1: Outdoor recessed wall fixtures are perfect for this setting. Install them against the landscape enclosure wall for discreet lighting that doesn’t interfere with pedestrian traffic. Moreover, since they project downwards, they add security without glare. These weather-resistant fixtures come in a host of styles and colour finishes.

2: Patio wall sconces add a very decorative touch that brightens up your outdoor space. Usually available as down-lights, these fixtures also provide accent lighting thanks to their circular spectrum, which spans a large area. However, plan their location carefully to avoid obstructing the high-traffic area.

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outdoor open modern living room

2. Outdoor living room:

1: Outdoor floor and table lamps are excellent accessories to enhance the lighting in your seasonal living room. Match them to create a consistent look. Easy to connect, simply plug them into an electrical socket. If you need an extension cord, choose one in a colour and length suited to the surrounding décor, so it blends in well.

2: If your outdoor living room is in a pergola, and outdoor fan will keep you cool when you’re relaxing on hot and humid summer days. If your pergola doesn’t have a closed roof, look for a fan that specifies “wet location”, in that case, suitable for exposure to rain and other elements.

If your outdoor living room is under a closed roof, choose an outdoor fan suitable for installation in areas subject to humidity (damp location).

3: Still in the spirit of an outdoor living room under a closed roof, an outdoor ceiling light or outdoor pendant light would also be a suitable light source for your three-season living room. Both types simply require an electrical outlet, and both provide effective lighting. Leave a seven-foot clearance under their base to avoid collisions, unless they’re installed in a no-traffic nook.

4: Outdoor wall sconces are also a good lighting choice for your outdoor living room. If your living room is under a roof, you can install these fixtures directly on the façade of the house or on the pergola. Choose a wall sconce with a limited reach to keep the area as clear as possible and depending on your layout. You can choose a directional or accent sconce, according to your needs.

5: Outdoor recessed lights are a very good choice if your seasonal living room is protected by a roof. These fixtures offer powerful, well-distributed lighting. Install them no less than 18 inches from the house’s facade. Respect the spacing for these types of fixture, as follows:

MR-16: One every 4 to 6 feet

PAR-20: One every 3 to 4 feet

GU-10: One every 2 to 3 feet

LED: One every 3 to 5 feet

3. Outdoor furniture

1: Why not backlight your furniture with LED strips? You can add lovely touches of accent lighting anywhere you want, such as the underside of your outdoor sofas! These flexible strips are designed to fit into the corners and curves of your outdoor furniture. They are available in cool and warm white to match your lighting design. Be sure to choose LED strips designed for outdoor use so that they’re water- and moisture-proof.

little lights on outdoor table - rattan patio kit
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4. Wall cladding 

1: A projection light fixture is just the ticket to highlight your lovely exterior wall facing! To create a skimming effect, place the fixture about one foot from the surface and aim the light beam parallel to the textured wall.

2: Wall-mounted sconces can also highlight wall facings, but the effect will be different from a projection light fixture. A sconce with light emanating from the top and bottom is your best choice. It will ensure a more decorative lighting effect and enhance both the light fixture and the wall surface.

3: Another interesting wall lighting option is exterior in-ground recessed fixtures. To produce a skimming lighting effect, choose an adjustable fixture that is angled, so its light skims the wall’s surface. These fixtures create a very decorative, even theatrical, effect, and won’t impede traffic areas. Test the layout before completing the in-ground installation of the fixtures. Also, space them so that the circles of light don’t overlap with those of adjacent fixtures. If you want a wider beam on your wall, simply move the recessed fixture further away from the surface. Try various combinations until you obtain the desired effect.

5. Outdoor kitchen:

1: With the advent of outdooring, exterior kitchens have become more and more popular. Be sure to maximize lighting to optimize your outdoor kitchen’s functionality. Outdoor kitchens are generally located under a roof to minimize maintenance due to inclement weather. Therefore, outdoor wall sconces are a very practical choice for effective kitchen lighting. Direct them towards your work surface and avoid installing them at eye level to prevent glare.

2: Outdoor pendant light fixtures are also an option to consider since they’re versatile and provide broad lighting coverage. These outdoor fixtures are also very decorative and come in a host of styles and finishes. If you’re installing this type of fixture over your outdoor kitchen counter, be sure to leave a 36-inch clearance between the underside of the fixture and the work surface.

3: Outdoor ceiling lights are a savvy choice. They aren’t bulky and, very often, only one fixture suffices, so you need only one electrical outlet. They emit a powerful light and add a decorative element to your outdoor kitchen.

outdoor kitchen counter and bricks