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Adapted light fixtures for each area of the outdoor courtyard

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11. Façade lighting

1: The stars of façade lighting are outdoor wall sconces. These fixtures come in a variety of styles and finishes to match your home’s cladding and style. Some provide up-light and down-light, some provide only up- or down-light and others provide more overall, general lighting. Base your choice on your needs and the effect you wish to create. The size of your wall sconce should be roughly 1/3 that of your patio door. If you install a wall sconce on each side of your patio door, they should be 1/4 the size. Recommended installation height is approximately 66 inches from the floor.

2: Outdoor spotlights provide directional lighting. This product allows you to direct spotlights precisely where you need them. Adjustable, flexible swivel heads make them both practical and functional, with a focus on direct lighting rather than decorative accent lighting.

12. Rock gardens

1: If your rock garden is in front of a wall, choose accent lighting such as an adjustable spotlight to create a gorgeous play of outdoor light and shadow. Experiment with the distance of the light fixture in front of your greenery until you get the desired effect. Then, you can permanently install the fixtures.

2: If your rock garden is located on your lawn, accent lighting is sure to lend cachet to your landscaping. Your top choice is a diffused light fixture designed for your garden to shed light over low-lying decorative areas, such as flower beds or small shrubs.

13. Illuminating a tree

1: To achieve this effect, you must use the up-lighting technique. To this end, choose an accent lighting fixture such as an adjustable spotlight. Choose a model with a wide beam to maximize the lighting angle. Even if the tree is quite large, its entire surface will be illuminated. Adjust the distance of the fixture in front of your tree until the desired effect is achieved.

2: The downlighting technique is also an interesting option. The idea is to anchor the light source at the top of your tree to create a downward projected light and shadow effect. To this end, use an adjustable spotlight with a mounting plate that you can screw as high up as possible to the trunk or a branch of your tree.

14. Power source

When it comes to choosing a transformer, consider its total capacity first and foremost. The best choice may be a transformer that exceeds the requirements so that you have some room to manoeuvre. For example, if you need a 100-watt capacity, consider choosing a 150-watt transformer. Working in this way allows you to make additions or changes in the future.

The other point you need to determine is the best method to install the power source. Some manufacturers offer stainless steel plug-in transformers, while other models need to be protected from the weather. For this option, we recommend you install the transformer in your garden shed or under a balcony.

A variety of transformer options exist, such as photocell, motion sensor, timer, multiple voltage, etc. Simply identify your needs to tailor the options to your outdoor lighting plan.

15. Walkways and driveways

1: Walkway and bollard fixtures light your way, so you can walk safely by defining your driveway limits. These fixtures add style to your entrance, your paths and walkways. Leave a six-inch clearance between each walkway fixture, although this clearance may vary depending on the beam width. Always keep the product specifications in mind when estimating the spacing and number of light fixtures required. Remember to test the layout before the final installation to make sure the angles of the light beams do not overlap.

2: You may prefer decorative general lighting for your driveway and main entrance. If so, lamp posts are the most convenient products. They provide the area with security and overall general lighting that’s diffused rather than concentrated on one specific zone. If your driveway entrance happens to have an ornamental concrete column, install a pedestal fixture to maximize lighting. It will increase safety with improved visibility and the definition of high-traffic areas.

3: Enhance the look of your walkways and driveways while making them more functional. Exterior in-ground recessed lighting fixtures offer a discreet and effective alternative to delimiting high-traffic areas while also ensuring security. Before installing recessed light fixtures, test their layout to make sure the circle of light doesn’t overlap that of the adjacent light fixture. Always keep the product specifications in mind to determine the spacing and number of fixtures required for your project.

16. Pool and spa

1. For in-ground pools, recessed floor light fixtures provide very decorative and efficient lighting and keep the high-traffic areas around the pool safe. However, plan your recessed light installation carefully before pouring concrete around them.

2. LED strips are also a modern and efficient lighting option. These flexible bands are designed to fit into the corners and curves of your pool's edge and come in cool and warm white, to match your lighting scheme. Just make sure the model is submersible.

3. Above- and in-ground pools must be fenced in. Use the fence posts to install pedestal lights. You’ll get high-performance accent lighting that covers a large area.

4. Stair recessed lights are the top choice for making your spa stairs safe. It’s best to install them on the riser with four to six-inch spaces between them, according to their width. Choose downlights to help highlight the safest places to set your foot on the stairs.

5. For decorative and functional lighting in and around the spa, in-ground floor recessed light fixtures are a discreet and effective alternative to delimit high-traffic areas and for added safety. Before installing the light fixtures, check to see whether the layout works and make sure the light beam doesn’t touch those of adjacent light fixtures. Always keep the product specifications in mind to determine the spacing and number of fixtures required for your project.

6. If you have a rock garden near your spa, you can create accent lighting by placing hidden, adjustable spotlights around the spa to create beautiful effects. Experiment with the available space around your greenery and the distance needed for your light fixture until you create the desired effect. Direct spotlights where there’s a need for greater security or safety, such as the spa stairs. Avoid directing light at eye-level to prevent unpleasant glare.