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Adapted light fixtures for each area of the outdoor courtyard

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6. Outdoor dining area:

If your outdoor dining area is protected by a roof, you have many lighting options:

1: An outdoor fan is very convenient for staying cool on hot summer evenings. Look for one that specifies “damp location” suitability if your roof is completely closed roof or a “wet-location” fan if the area is exposed to the elements.

2: Outdoor recessed lights are discreet and unobtrusive and won’t take up even one square inch of your actual living space. These fixtures provide powerful and well-distributed lighting. Install them no closer than 18 inches from the house’s facade. Respect the spacing for these types of fixture, as follows:

MR-16: One every 4 to 6 feet

PAR-20: One every 3 to 4 feet

GU-10: One every 2 to 3 feet

LED: One every 3 to 5 feet 

3: Outdoor pendant lights are undoubtedly the most decorative choice and can brighten up your gathering place with the flick of a switch. These fixtures are available in a host of styles and colours to fit with your décor and furnishings. Leave 30 to 36 inches’ clearance between your fixture and the table surface.

4: Don’t forget an outdoor ceiling light. These very decorative fixtures leave lots of clearance underneath. They also provide lighting coverage over a large area and require only a single electrical outlet.

7. Pergola

1: Pergolas don’t always have a closed roof, so a designated, “wet-location” outdoor fan is a “must” to keep you cool during you’re precious relaxing and entertaining times!

2: An outdoor ceiling light might also be suitable for your pergola, depending on its design. Choose a fixture that’s compatible with the available mounting space, which is usually quite narrow. In other words, the light fixture’s cross-bar must not exceed that of its anchor point.

3: An outdoor pendant light can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. True to its decorative nature, it will shine brightly in any pergola layout. Be sure to apply the 7-foot rule here to ensure safe clearance.

4: If you prefer directional lighting, an outdoor wall sconce is your best ally! Wall sconces are easy to install in the tight and narrow structural places of a pergola.

8. Patio and terrace

1: In-ground recessed lights offer a discreet and effective alternative to optimize the functionality of your patio or terrace. These fixtures also define traffic areas and keep them safe. Before finalizing the installation of in-ground recessed light fixtures, test their layout and ensure no circles of light overlap with those of adjacent fixtures. Always keep the product specifications in mind to determine the spacing and number of recessed light fixtures for your project.

2: If your patio is fenced, you can adorn its posts with pedestal light fixtures. You can also place them on any type of column. This type of light fixture makes your patio safer with improved visibility in high-traffic areas and helps identify the support sections of your ramp or fence.

3: Some wall-mounted light fixtures don’t have an extension and can stick directly to the wall of your patio or fencing. These fixtures provide lighting for general and safety purposes, like pedestal lights. Wall-mounted lights can hinder traffic due to their size, so be sure to have enough space to move easily between your furniture and your fence.

4: Outdoor wall-mounted recessed light fixtures are also great allies. They are easy to install on the fence boards surrounding your patio or terrace or even on a stair riser. Go for a downlight model to avoid unpleasant glare.

5: Why not choose a beautiful outdoor floor or table lamp to brighten up your patio or terrace! These lamps are easy to match to the rest of your décor and simply require direct connection to a power outlet.

9. Stairways and steps

1: Recessed stair light fixtures are tops for making stairs safer and easier to use. Usually, they should be installed on the riser about four to six inches apart, according to their width. Choose downlight fixtures to highlight the safest spots to place your feet and to avoid glare.

2: LED strips are as efficient as they are functional. They can help define a safe pathway and make your stairs look just as stylish. These small flexible strips are designed to fit into the corners and curves of your stairway and steps. You can choose either cool or warm white to suit your lighting decor. Be sure the LED strip is specifically designed for outdoor use.

10. Roof and soffits

1: Some homes are designed with a roof extension to shelter a specific activity area such as a balcony, patio or terrace. Outdoor recessed light fixtures can illuminate a large area effectively and discreetly. Install them no closer than 18 inches from the house’s facade. Respect the spacing for these types of fixture, as follows:

MR-16: One every 4 to 6 feet

PAR-20: One every 3 to 4 feet

GU-10: One every 2 to 3 feet 

LED: One every 3 to 5 feet 

2: Outdoor flush mount ceiling can be a lovely decorative element and still provide good lighting performance. On its own, a flush mount ceiling light can illuminate a very wide area and it’s important to note that only one electrical outlet is required. Be sure, however, to allow a minimum 7-foot clearance below the light fixture to keep the area as unobstructed as possible and not hinder passage.