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Home lighting 101

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1.Exterior porch

1: If you have enough space for two outdoor wall sconces, their size should be one-fifth or one-sixth that of the height of your front door. If you choose to use a single wall sconce, ideally, it should be one-third the height of your door. Exterior wall sconces are best installed 66 inches from the ground. Sconces that shine upward should be installed when a large space is available above them (above a door that doesn’t have an eave or balcony). Light fixtures that shine downward are appropriate for use in more confined environments. They’ll illuminate the area around your front door, as well as your address plate.

3: Installing recessed outdoor fittings on your porch’s roof is an efficient and discreet solution. Fittings must be installed at least 18 inches from the facade. Here are the recommended installation distances according to recessed fitting type:

MR-16: One to every 4 to 6 feet

PAR-20: One to every 3 to 4 feet

GU-10: One to every 2 to 3 feet

LED: One to every 3 to 5 feet

2: If you have a covered porch, outdoorexterior flush mount and outdoor pendant lights are a good option, provided you have at least seven feet of clearance once they’re installed. If you’re lucky enough to have a long porch, install ceiling or pendant lights every eight to ten feet to ensure uniform and continuous lighting.

4: It’s also useful to install a mailbox on your façade, as it can be irritating to have advertisements or other communications left on your steps or for them to get soaked as a result of bad weather.

5: Plan to add an address plate on your porch façade. Forget boring, old-style address plates. Today, address plates are available in a variety of styles and colours to suit any kind of home.