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Home lighting 101

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2.Hall lighting

1- If you choose a pendant light or chandelier as a light source, allow for a seven-foot clearance below them. Most of these fixtures are height adjustable. Simply adding your hall’s dimensions (length and width) will indicate the diameter of the chandelier you should choose. For example, if your hall is 12 feet by 16 feet: 12 + 16 = 28. Therefore, your chandelier should be 28 inches in diameter. Pendant lights are also an effective solution for sloped ceilings.

3- Recessed fittings are becoming more and more popular in halls. Recessed fittings must be installed at least 18 inches from walls. Here are the recommended installation distances according to recessed fitting type:

MR-16: One to every 4 to 6 feet

PAR-20: One to every 3 to 4 feet

GU-10: One to every 2 to 3 feet

LED: One to every 3 to 5 feet

2- Flush mount are very popular in the halls of Quebec houses. There’s no need to worry about clearance issues since there’s little distance between their base and your ceiling.

4- Track lights are also a good lighting option for halls. Light can be directed independently to the specific areas where you need it most. Track lighting is also a good choice if you have a sloped ceiling.

5- If you have a power outlet nearby and enough space, it’s easy to compensate for a lack of lighting by adding a nice table lamp or a floor lamp that matches your decor.