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Home lighting 101

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10.Under-cabinet lighting

1- Ring lights are the most decorative option. They are available in either halogen or LED and can be installed inside your cabinets, if they are glazed, to create an impression of depth. To get even lighting under your cabinets, leave 18 inches between each. Choose recessed or surface-mounted ring lights depending on your cabinets’ configuration.

2- Linear lights are well-known for providing good light distribution. Moreover, they are very easy to install. Linear lights are available in many finishes and formats that accommodate all types of cabinet configurations. They light double the surface area of their dimension. For example, if your linear light is 12 inches long, it will light a 24-inch surface.

3- LED ribbons offer the greatest installation flexibility. LED is peculiar as it produces no ultraviolet radiation, thereby ensuring that illuminated surfaces and objects will never become discoloured. They also offer the best light distribution. Choose cold or warm white depending on the desired ambience. Moreover, these flexible strips adjust perfectly to corners and curves.