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Home lighting 101

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16.Laundry room lighting

1-flush mount ceiling lights and pendant lights are both excellent general lighting options for the laundry room. Be sure to leave a seven-foot clearance so as not to hinder traffic under them.

3- Track lighting can be directed toward any area where greater lighting is needed, thanks to its many adjustable heads.

2- Install wall sconces on each side of the wash tub or folding area. They’ll enhance the light provided by pendant or ceiling lights by providing better work surface visibility.

4- Recessed fittings are also suitable for the laundry room. Simply install them 18 inches from the walls and distance them according to recessed fitting type as follows:

MR-16: One to every 4 to 6 feet

PAR-20: One to every 3 to 4 feet

GU-10: One to every 2 to 3 feet

LED: One to every 3 to 5 feet