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Home lighting 101

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14.Walk-in/wardrobe lighting

1- Ring lights are used in walk-in closets because they are easy to install in compartments and nooks – often less visible because of shadows – to shine light on their contents.

3- Track lighting is ideal in a walk-in closet. It requires only one electrical box and is equipped with several swivelling heads that can be adjusted to shine where you need light most.

2- Recessed fittings don’t take up space and provide well-diffused and efficient lighting. Align fittings strategically in your wardrobe. Here are the recommended installation distances, according to recessed fitting type, for a walk-in closet that requires greater light coverage:

MR-16: One to every 4 to 6 feet

PAR-20: One to every 3 to 4 feet

GU-10: One to every 2 to 3 feet

LED: One to every 3 to 5 feet

4- Flush mount ceiling light offer good lighting performance either in a traditional closet or a walk-in closet. However, if you use one in a walk-in closet, think about complementing the lighting with wall sconces. Doing so will reduce the shadows created in the walk-in’s nooks and crannies by the ceiling light.

Note that, in a traditional closet, a fixture must be completely enclosed with a glass to avoid a fire hazard according to building code.