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Home lighting 101

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4.Living room lighting

1- Fans are often equipped with a powerful set of lights that can effectively light the entire living room. They can also circulate air to cool it in summer and optimize heating in winter to help reduce electricity costs. We recommend the following ratios:

For a 225-square-foot room (15' x 15') or larger, use a fan with a 50", 52", 54" or 56" diameter.

For a 144-square-foot room (12' x 12'), use a fan with 42"or 44" diameter.

For a 64-square-foot room (8' x 8'), use a fan with 32" diameter.

4- Given their length, pendant lights are often used for ceilings that are higher than eight feet and for two-storey, open-concept living rooms. Pendant lights can be powerful lighting sources. For standard ceilings, remember to leave a seven-foot clearance below the bottom of the pendant so as not to hinder traffic underneath. You can also hang a pendant above your coffee table. If you use a pendant light in this way, you can reduce the clearance since there is no traffic in this area.

2- Track lighting fits the bill when you’re looking for general, centralized lighting in your living room. Its biggest quality stems from the flexibility of its adjustable heads, which can be set to light areas precisely the way you need for optimal brightness and visual impact. For a living room, choose track lighting with at least four heads.

5- Recessed fittings are popular in Quebec living rooms since they’re discreetly concealed in the ceiling and provide unobstructed views. You can install them over the entire ceiling or in series in specific corners of the living room, such as the TV nook for example. You should install them at least 18 inches from the walls. Here are the recommended installation distances according to recessed fitting type:

MR-16: One to every 4 to 6 feet

PAR-20: One to every 3 to 4 feet

GU-10: One to every 2 to 3 feet

LED: One to every 3 to 5 feet

3- flush mount ceiling light can also provide good lighting for your living room since their circular pedestals provide uniform lighting.

6- If some areas of the living room are less bright, or if you want to create a cozy atmosphere in the room, add a floor lamp or matching table lamp.